Google Play Music now lets you start radio stations based on playlists

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 7, 2014
Google Play Music radio

Version 5.4.1413N of Play Music brings the ability to start radio stations based on playlists that you created, a boon for those who have very particular tastes in music.

Previous, you could only start radio stations (playlists that are auto-generated based on tunes you listened to) from an artist or a specific song. Now you can create a playlist of different tunes that you like and click on the three-dot menu button to start a station based on it. For instance, Play Music creates an auto-playlist of all songs you thumbed up, so starting a radio station based on that should result in a selection of tunes that closely matches your tastes.

This is really the only visible change coming in version 5.4.1413N of Play Music, and the update should hit your device any time now. You can install Play Music or check for updates in the Play Store here.

Do you Play Music or prefer Spotify, Pandora or some other service?

  • Google’s asshat

    Let’s see… I got my Galaxy Nexus is 2011 (I’ve already upgraded), and a promised feature with this phone was Google Music. Still don’t have it in Canada. Same deal with Wallet. Total vaporware of promised features in Canada.

  • Sorry about the US-centricness, however, still being new in Android land, I can’t tell you how much I’m digging Google Play after uploading a few thousand songs… …with many thousands accumulated over the last 10 years left to go.

    All my music everywhere and so many ways to listen to it… …on my PC, my phone, casting it to my Chromecast on the big home sound system from the phone…. …having cover art that iTunes never found, suggestions for improving the info, etc., etc..

    …and I’ve barely dug into all the options yet, plus have only begun “training” it.

    To be fair, iTunes lets me construct playlists that are far more sophisticated in narrowing things down and has a few other advantages, but hey, now I have both…. …and along with Spotify being able to listen for free to all the music I don’t own – mixed with the collections on my hard drive PLUS my iTunes playlists… …color me one happy music camper…

    I can still somewhat appreciate the sonic nuances of virgin vinyl (less so as I age, but speaking to all of you), damn, what a cornucopia of music at our disposal, like nothing in world or even computer age history, so a trade-off that’s not even close.

  • Jeff Döwning

    So how does that differ from “start instant mix”? The absolute most baffling, mind-blowing thing to me about most music player apps is that none of them place an emphasis on maintaining track order , which should ALWAYS be the priority unless otherwise directed by a playlist or random setting. I have some apps that only sort by alphabet, and others where you can view the track info etc.. and set it to actually sort by track number, which is how they were intended to be heard. I am so fed up wasting what little time I have sorting out rudimentary issues with so-called smart technology it infuriates me. If it is smart you don’t have to manage even the most basic common sense things. How it is not a HUGE issue with consumers I can’t understand. I still listen to entire albums. I don’t even consider not doing so. It’s the equivalent of going in someone’s house and rearranging their pictures or hanging some to the left, some upside down, etc… I have Macs, PCs, smartphones, media servers etc….all I’ve spent untold hours with in a dream to merely centralize control of things only to have my time wasted, files renamed and shuffled and format issues from one device to another and it has all driven me back to just putting on a fucking LP or CD. No ads popping up, no interruptions for a message or call. Technology is supposed to work for us, not the other way around.