PSA: Don’t forget to signup for All Access

by: Brad WardJune 25, 2013

Play Music All Access 1600 aaIf you’re like me, you cancelled all other music subscriptions right after Google announced All Access at its annual Google I/O convention. If you’re not not like me, you’ve probably been tossing around the idea of subscribing, but something important to keep in mind is that this is the last week you can sign-up and take advantage of the $7.99/mo price tag.

After June 30, All Access will cost interested subscribers $9.99 per month. It’s still not a bad price, but the discount early adopters receive is also really nice, and it isn’t something you want to miss out on if you like saving money.

If you haven’t used All Access yet, you can sign up for the one month trial, and if you do that on or before June 30, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the $7.99 subscription fee after your trial expires sometime in June.

It might be difficult to make the jump from Spotify’s massive library of 25 million tracks, but you can bet that Google will probably make sure that All Access has all of the latest, popular, and well-known songs available. Not to mention the fact that more tracks will be added to Google’s own library everyday, and who knows, maybe Google’s library will eventually surpass Spotify’s?

Do you plan on making the jump to All Access? If not, why?

  • Austin Eschweiler

    Ditched Spotify as soon as they revealed the price point and have never looked back.

  • Lyndon Lapierre

    Will be happy to, god forbid Google Play Music ever comes to Canada =/

  • Dan Harsh

    Well I would sign up but I accidentally cancel my subscription and there is no way to ro subscribe and get the discount price very disappointed by this

    • Are you able to get in contact with customer support, Dan? I’m sure they’d be happy to assist you.

  • Jim Van Eeckhoutte

    Instantly switched over to Google and It ROCKS!

  • icyrock1

    Love it so far. Though, it seems when you “pin” an song for off line listening it’s bigger than it would be if you bought it. Probably some DRM feature that make it bigger? IDK, but just a warning for those who pin a lot of songs, each of these pins take up a little more space than they normally would if you bought them.

    • Interesting. I have about four songs downloaded, and they only take up 292KB of space.

  • samster11

    “If not, why?”

    How about the fact that it isn’t available in 99% of countries?

    I’m in the UK, hardly a small market…

    I wish AA or another Android site would ask Google some hard questions about this policy rather than continually regurgitating news from each other.

    /yeah I’m pissed off/ ;-)

    • melhiore

      Same here…

      • Richard

        and here, and chances are if it finally does arrive in the UK it will cost us £9.99/month totally ignoring exchange rates.