Play Movies and Music get major global extension – is your country included?

by: Jonathan FeistMarch 18, 2014

Google Play Movies Recommended

Google has expanded their service area for Play Movies, Play Music and All Access. Over three dozen new countries around the globe now have access to Google Play Movies, bringing the total to well over 60. Four new countries gain access to Google Play Music, including the All Access subscription service, bringing the music to a total of 25 lucky countries.

Google Play Movies has seen a relatively slow global expansion since its launch in 2012. Acquiring the appropriate licensing and approvals for each country can be an arduous task, which makes this mass rollout to countries all around the globe as impressive as it is exciting for all those that now get access to the service. In listing the countries that now have access, I almost feel like I am announcing the winners of a large raffle – drum roll please, and the winners are:

Aruba, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Gabon, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Mali, Mauritius, Namibia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Niger, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Rwanda, Senegal, Sweden, Togo, Uruguay, Venezuela and Zambia.

Congratulations, show your tickets at the front to claim your prize. Seriously though, checkout the Google Play store online and the app on your Android device to start watching Movies and TV shows available in your area.

Google Play Music Store

Google Play Music is only rolling out to four new countries, Greece, Norway, Slovakia and Sweden. Users gain access to both the 20,000 song cloud storage and streaming service, plus the All Access radio service. All Access charges a monthly fee to listen to unlimited music from the Play Music library, but look out for a 30 day or 60 day free trial to get things started.

Get started with Google Play Music and All Access through the Play Store online and on the app on your Android device. You’ll need some time to upload your music collection to the Play Music servers before you can start listening to your own music, but once it is uploaded, you’ll be able to access it from up to 10 different devices, including your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Google has not announced if the services are ready now, or if they will take time to roll out to all users. If you are in one of the listed countries, let us know if you have access to Google Play Movies and Google Play Music already?

  • Garbis Tapacian

    Of course Cyprus is not included, it’s frigin’ invisible on the world map :) c’mon Google!!

  • Keagan van den Heuvel

    South Africa still not included, we’re not that small of a country

    • Brad

      lol rwanda before SA and Zim?

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        And Namibia

  • ObeytheMonkey

    Really Rwanda but no Bulgaria…

    • Eric Bright

      Yeah, we got it. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

  • cellabonez

    jamaica got movies already just want music now

  • Husy

    I bet MasterMuffin is real happy now :D

  • Shark Bait

    Google music rules ! Happy UK customer here

  • Eric Bright

    Yes, it finally comes to Rwanda. I have a few questions that I need you to help me understand: what does this mean for Play Movies to be supported in Rwanda while I can’t buy items? I click and it tells me that it’s unavailable in my location. How can we buy or rent movies from here?

    If there’s someone who understands this, please help me understand. Thank you very much.

  • Capitalist pig


  • Daniel Marcinkowski

    Where is Poland?

    • Don’t ya hate that?

      South of the Baltic Sea :/

  • HK19928214

    hong kong needs google play music

  • Saiprasad Prabhu

    India ?

  • khalil

    Egypt is never getting on the list

  • Nelson Guttman

    Love the way US is missing from that list. Google is awesome :D

  • ahmad

    no Malaysia or Saudi Arabia :(

  • Guest

    This is just too lol to be true, austria anyone? F… that sh… ;(

  • Iluvatar

    This is just too lol to be true, austria anyone? Sorry but that’s more than ridiculous ;( ;(

    • Iluvatar

      Sorry for the guest post!

  • Andrea Manconi

    Italy is in the house

  • Izwan Rahman

    suck .. no Malaysia. I suspend my spotify coz I heard the news.

  • Android-Belgique

    no belgium included yet.. waiting ….

  • La33i

    What about Morocco?

  • Monique Leon

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