Could it be real? Pixel Press wants you to play the game you draw.

by: Nate SwannerMay 8, 2013

Pixel Press

We’ve all played a game, then thought we knew better how a particular level should work. Maybe we’d have built a wider gap to jump over, or a tougher passage to navigate. Perhaps we’re just tired of it, and are being picky.

What if you could take a drawing of the level you want to play, which you might do anyway, and make it a reality? If Pixel Press has their way, you will. What starts as a drawing on graph paper quickly becomes a game on your tablet or phone.

Currently a kickstarter campaign, and unfortunately being released on iOS first, Pixel Press is easily the coolest concept we’ve seen in a long time. This project is good for all ages, and a terrific way to get viscerally involved in your game. There is no programming required, either. All you have to do is follow a few art principles, and you’re well on your way to gaming excellence.

In regard to Android, the developers are upfront that iOS is the focus, with Android development coming via a stretch goal of $350,000. While we’re not crazy about backing something we’ll have to wait longer than our iOS brethren for, this concept is way too cool not to back. A really simple game that transcends your device, and allows complete manipulation and design on your part.

A video detailing the project is on their page, and we encourage you to support the kickstarter campaign as best you can. Tell us what you think of the concept in the comments section!


  • andro

    when will developers learn…Android is better

    • wolf

      that’s why they test it on ios first :)

  • Austin Forbes

    Well, i can’t blame the developers for using IOS to make games and apps. It is a better choice for developers because there are only 3 sizes that you have to work with and they all run the same firmware. In Android there are many different shapes and sizes with devices running Android 2.3 and other devices running 4.2.2.

  • kirk

    so basically we:
    1. print their template graph on paper.
    2. draw on that paper.
    3. take photo of drawing.

    nice idea.
    any other app can also utilize this method.

    unless apple patented it first… :D

  • Even decades into CG the worlds best designers are still using paper to hash out concepts. Yes there are several WYSIWYG game editors now. I’ve tried the likes of GameSalad and Construct2 and their great but can still go simpler so kids to use of just a simple afternoons fun! I’ve backed the idea and really hope Robin reaches the funding goal!