CCleaner making its way to Android with one-click cleaning

by: Brad WardMarch 9, 2013

ccleanerPiriform, a company who specializes in PC optimization software, took to its blog to announce that CCleaner will be coming to Android soon. A release date and pricing were not given, but we would assume CCleaner would be free like its PC-counterpart.

CCleaner has a wild amount of success in the world of PCs. Whether it be Windows or Mac, the tool is very well known for getting rid of unwanted temporary files, cache and cookies that build up over time often taking gigabytes of precious space.

There are a lot of apps on the Play Store that do the same thing CCleaner does. We’ll have to wait and see what CCleaner for Android has to differentiate itself from other similar apps in the Play Store. At the very least, it will be nice to have a notable tool available in the Play Store for those still using anything below Android 4.0.

Android 4.0 comes with a built-in cache cleaning tool, which is why devices running that or higher don’t need to use an app that does the same thing. CCleaner will still, inevitably, be very popular among Gingerbread users considering that Gingerbread is still dominant on many smartphones.

We’ll let you know when Piriform announces a release date for the app.

  • Maybe it’ll come with some handy utility in addition to the main cache cleaner.

  • OmarioAmriky

    Maybe the icon will be cool. Then I’d buy it.

  • Hahaha weird!! I was just thinking if there was a ccleaner for android the other day

  • Pete

    My four favorite apps are CCleaner, Task Killer, System Monitor, and Cache Cleaner.

    • fedor

      And Battery Monitor. Don’t forget that one.

  • Android Lover

    CCleaner for Android is Fantastic. Works great i feel very happy with this app. It analyzes and cleans unnecessary
    background junk files, cache files, etc that make the device fast

  • Free Music Downloads For Android is essential for me. CCleaner helps me remove the junk files downloaded.