We love poking and prodding our Android devices for hours on end, and every once in a while, when we hear about or use an amazing application, we’ll open up our wallets and support the developers that make our phones and tablets that much more enjoyable to use. Some people though, they don’t see the world that way. They pirate applications. According to a report from Protection Technology Research (PTR), just 10% of Android apps downloaded are actually purchased. On average, a developer writing an app for iOS makes more money than if he or she would have made that same app for Android. And worst of all, 55% of developers are terrified about losing money due to pirates.

What can be done? The survey was commissioned by StarForce, a company that provides software for developers to secure their applications. With that in mind, of course they’re going to tell people that piracy is a huge problem, because they want more people to use their tools. But forgetting about that for a second, we as Android users know how stingy some of our friends can be. Finding pirated apps and side loading them is incredibly painless. Instead of ignoring that kind of behavior, we should stand up and force people to respect software.

Look, chances are if you’re reading this you’ve probably grabbed something off a torrent site or a usenet server. Paying $30 for a Blue-ray that may or may not be good is a tough pill to swallow. Buying a $60 game only to have a 12 year old kid scream obscenities into your hear isn’t pretty either. But apps, come on now! Apps rarely cost more than a dollar or two. That’s money you would’ve otherwise probably throw away on fast food or on a cup of coffee.

We’re not saying pirating cheap stuff is bad, but pirating expensive stuff is OK. That’s hardly the message we’re trying to convey. We just want you to think about the people who love Android as much as you do, so much so that they wrote an app in their spare time. If they don’t deserve some money, who the hell does?

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    piracy depends upon a few factors …

    1. just how rich are you …. filthy rich ? or working middle class ?
    2. price of the app, over priced expensive ? or reasonable priced.

    Lots of apps on googleplay are very affordable and reasonable like somewhere between 1-4 usd. Others are just a bit exp like 9+ o.O;

    the way i see it, if the person is rich, i seriously doubt they would pirate. Whereas middle income groups can go either way depending on the price of the app.

    Low income groups with little to no money will definitely pirate.

    But lets think about it for a moment. If people had no money to begin with, then they would never have been a customer in the first place. So why not let the people in this poor category use it ? And when they are able to afford it, they will chip in. Sound fair ?

    There are some developers and even artists that go by the concept pay as much are you are willing or able to. They recognize not everyone is able to afford it so they make it more open to people of different financial situations. Just refer to this link below to get what i am talking about.


    • MrStylz

      if you have a smart phone with a data plan, you are “rich” enough to pay for the apps, quit making excuses for stealing. this isn’t the record labels we are talking about here…. …nm, I’ll read the whole post next time

      • MoogleStiltzkin

        when did i say i have a data plan ? stop assuming things -.-; what happened to innocent until proven guilty ? please read the whole article plz …

        Otherwise you may end up risking ending up like Bill Maher >->;

      • Abhisshek Das

        tell me the name of the App you develop i would like to pirate that App . i have never pirate any Arrogant Prick’s App ;-)

  • tBs_Battousai

    What happened to the encryption system that Google has built into the play store? last I heard it was causing problems but that it would have been turned on again by now…

  • Draebkcalb

    Piracy will always be an issue for any “media environment”, regardless if it is a closed system, or an open one. Ultimately it’s up to individuals to make the right decisions; and since the combined human species does not exist in one single hive-mind, stamping out piracy will be a very difficult endeavor.

  • So i want an app and I try to pay for it using my credit card, but gplay/app store don’t approve it, even after hours and hours of trying. What would you do then? I have made several purchases within the same stores in the past, with the exact same card. Hope that someday the transaction gets through, or sideload the damn thing?

  • No matter where and what happens pirates will always be out there and where not back in those times where they use to be lynched them or burn them to the stake. This is why consumers choose android because of the easy access. Its not right but its gonna happen, I rather save me the trouble and not write any apps