Pioneer Computers Australia DreamBook ePad 7

by: James TromansMay 24, 2010
Dreambook ePad 7

Dreambook ePad 7

Pioneer Computers Australia have officially released the technical specifications of their new Dreambook ePad 7. This 7-inch tablet offers a 800 x 480 touchscreen display and is powered by a 533MHz processor. We’d have loved to see a 1Ghz processor in here.

There is 256MB RAM coupled with a 2GB SSD for internal storage. Of course, you can upgrade via MicroSD to 32GB. To keep costs down, the GPS and Bluetooth are optional, as is the 3G connectivity. WiFi comes as standard, however. Other hardware specifications include a 1.3-megapixel camera, 2.0 USB port and a 2400mAh battery.

All of this will run on Android 1.6 (!) and the DreamBook ePad 7 will go on sale for around $199. Release date, unconfirmed.

  • Shian Russell

    I recently purchased a Pioneer Dreambook 7″ and I really need to get a cover or protective case for it. I have searched shops and eBay for these items but ended up empty handed. Can somebody please help me out. I know it says on the box that there is an accessories kit you can buy but it is not included which has a case, screen cloth and stylus. But I can’t find where I can buy the kit without buying the Dreambook. The place I originally got mine didn’t have the accessories kit on offer unfortuantly. Can somebody please help me out urgently!!! Thankyou :-)

  • shelley

    hi, i just got one too, i got it from big W they sell the accessory kit also but only on their online store. go to and search “dreambook accessory kit” hope this helps :)

  • Monique

    Hi, i just got mine back from repairs, i am having trouble connecting to the internet, now im not too bright on computer talk so if some one could help me please that would be awesome….

  • joanne

    hey I just brought one too an I am a huge ebook reader, I have them stored on mini hard drive in pdf, am I going to be able to read them through my dreambook ??? I;ve been to nervious to plug hard drive in an find out just incase it does bad things !!! to my dream book someboby please let me know how it all works

  • Jessiiieeeee

    they have an accesory kit? i need one cos im getting one for christmas!!!

  • Alf

    I have just purchased one myself, mainly as an Ebook.
    You really need to purchase a MicroSD card for it, which are quite cheap anyway.
    It’s not bad for the money.

  • Chase

    I also got one for christmas as well, but i am havin trouble using it. i can power on but i can get no further than the loading screen with the green android spinning. am i doing something wrong?