Pinterest to unveil Android app at Google I/O

by: LucianJune 25, 2012

Pinterest logo

Pinterest is a fast growing social sharing website that let you “pin” various items you find online and then share them with your friends. A lot of people seem to like this new social network (especially women) and its popularity has been growing quickly lately, mostly through word of mouth.

I believe Google will be very focused on content and services with their upcoming Nexus 7 tablet that they will unveil at Google I/O two days from now. Therefore, it makes sense for Pinterest to have an app ready for the occasion, as this image leak seems to suggest:


People have even suggested that Google should buy Pinterest after Facebook bought Instagram, to help them grow and expand the reach of Google+. We haven’t heard anything about Google negotiating to acquire Pinterest, though, which means that either they are keeping it very secrete, which has happened before (Motorola acquisition, anyone?), or there’s nothing of the sort going on right now.

Hearing at Google I/O that Google has bought Pinterest wouldn’t really surprise me, though, so it remains to be seen. For now, the only thing we can be sure of is that Pinterest will finally have an Android app (they already have an iOS one):

“We’re working on a dedicated Android app. We know lots of folks are eager to see one, so when we feel we’re in the final stages of its development, we’ll be sure to share more information.”

If the new app is announced at Google I/O, it will certainly give Pinterest a place in the spotlight. Even more, if the Pinterest app for Android comes by default on the new Google Nexus 7 tablet (as part of Google’s content strategy), it will help Pinterest grow even faster.

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  • spoons
  • Winner

    Where is the Pinterest OFFICIAL App? I find a good Pinterest app, although it is not official.

  • Jynx of the Tea Leaves

    “Keeping it very secrete” Who knew that biology was involved in business negotiations?