Pink Samsung Galaxy S3 deploying in Korea next week

by: Brendan LynchSeptember 24, 2012

Samsung has been hard at work marketing the Galaxy S3. In addition to the surplus of advertisements, the company is trying to make the device appeal to as many different personalities as possible. What’s the best way to do this? Release more colors of course!

After previous rumors of new colors, we thought Samsung was all done. But behold, it is releasing a pink Galaxy S3. This will join the original Pebble Blue and Marble White colors as well as the newer colors, including Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey. In case anybody is counting, there are now a total of 7 rumored colors for Samsung’s flagship device.

While all of these new colors, especially pink, will not be available worldwide initially, they will undoubtedly make their way around the world eventually.

I find this move by Samsung to be much more than completing the rainbow of Galaxy S3 colors. The company is attempting to boost the interest of females. This is absolutely a good thing because it is no secret that women tend to favor iOS over Android. In fact, I think more companies should be coming up with phones or colors that are in fact designed for women.

  • This is Samsungs secret weapon to having the S3
    compared to every other phone for the next year.

  • carlisimo

    Pink is fine, but if you go too far designing things for women you risk getting ridiculed like these pens:

    But Android might have a genuine gender problem in that the great majority of good Android phones are large. Anyone who would be influenced by color (i.e. they care what their phone looks like and conveys) isn’t going to want the mediocre budget phones that Android OEMs make in smaller sizes.

  • tong_its

    The iphone only comes in black and white so it isn’t the color factor.

  • the colour looks intoxicating!

  • Robin

    pink is great but green is so much better !!!! lime green ish….??????

  • BringmartianpinktoUK

    bring martian pink to the UK for galaxy s3, would be good for christmas and more sales!

  • Panda

    When can the s3 can arrive in Puerto Rico it would be really for valentine’s

  • zia

    hoping they will also have this color in philippines when i get back! i’m so waiting for this! :) <3

  • sherry

    yea they should be making more pink smartphones! When will this be ever available in Ireland? The wait is killing me.