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As Google I/O marches closer we expect plenty of exciting news, but it was less certain if or when we’d hear about the next version of Android. Earlier today we saw the first possible screenshots of the so-called L release of Android, and yet it was still unclear whether Google I/O would be able to tell us more.

Now in an interview with BusinessWeek, Sundar Pichai has let the cat out of the bag. Yes, the next major Android release will be unveiled at I/O 2014, alongside a formal unveil of Android Wear and so much more! The catch here is that, while it will be shown off, it actually won’t arrive until the fall in a similar fashion to how iOS 8 was shown off ahead of its actual release.

So why this major change in strategy? Its about a shift towards greater transparency

So why this major change in strategy? According to Pichai, in part its about a shift towards greater transparency. “I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner,” says the Google exec. We also imagine that with Quantum Paper, Hera, extended Google Now support and the dozens of other changes anticipated with Android 5.0 (or 4.5?), it’s important for Google to adjust us to some of these changes ahead of time. Bottom-line, Android is about to make a massive leap forward this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

With this new announcement we also find it pretty likely that the claims of a fall release for the rumored HTC 8.9-inch tablet could be correct, and that this new tablet will likely be the launching platform for a whole new direction for Android.

For the full interview article you’ll want to head on over to BusinessWeek. Excited yet? We are!

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  • DarxideGarrison

    I’m so excited even I don’t mind waiting til fall to get it because KitKat 4.4.4 is running just fine in my opinion. But hopefully there won’t a lot of bugs with the release that some users experienced with the previous versions!

  • Tsakane

    I hope the delay in release somehow means that manufacturers will be able to update their flagships soon after the Nexus devices get their updates.

    • Jack Parker

      Yes yes yes

    • deibed…only way OEM’s would update anything is by updating their devices..they don’t make money off software updates, they make it by selling you the latest device with the newest update…

      • AnonGuy

        Wrong. They do make money that way. They still want to sell older models. It makes them money. Samsung sold a ton of S3 devices after the S4 was released and they will want to still sell a lot of S4 now that the St is out. Same for the Note 3 after the Note 4 comes out.

        By not having the cheaper high end option available and decently supported they risk users jumping to other brands and it’s easier to keep a user than it is to take one from another brand’s line especially with the way Android OEMs use their own features and/or services to lock users in.

        I hope this is to give manufacturers more time to get the OS ready, so that the share of the new OS progresses faster than older versions.

        The update lag and shorter (but improving) support life cycle of the phones is the Achilles heel of Android and part of the reason why Apple is able to rake in such large market shares in affluent markets where people pay more and demand better support for their expensive gadgets.

        • alex0000000001

          > they will want to still sell a lot of S4 now that the St is out

          The ST has not been significantly updated since 1985, and has as much chance of being updated as….well, as a Samsung phone!

  • VAVA Mk2

    My body is ready!

  • Cool! Can’t wait to hear more!

  • TehnoGuy

    How cool will it be if they release a beta program for the next version of Android for Nexus devices?

  • Chris


  • s2weden2000


  • Brandon Miranda

    Just rooted with towelroot!! Nexus 7 2nd gen!! No reboot required!! In this case I needed to because my SuperSU binaries wouldn’t update but once I did. Boom instant root. No problem. This is the future. Everybody download from !!! I’m so happy. I was so scared to root but this worked perfectly. Reply with any questions about it if you need them!

    • Brandon Miranda

      AA should make a post about how the new version doesn’t require reboot to root. Only took me 30 seconds all together. But if you do it the way your supposed to. You should be rooted in like 15. It only took me 30 seconds because I had to reboot and download root checker and SuperSU. Vote this up so AA knows to post about the new update to towelroot!

  • tuvan26

    The question is, will it release for nexus 4? Or google push me to buy ios device

    • Jayfeather787

      It will likely come to the 4. Even if Google stops pushing out updates, there is a huge dev community for the Nexus 4. Check it out and never buy apple.

      • AnonGuy

        Existence of Third party ROMs are not a replacement for 1st party support.

        • alex0000000001

          That’s exactly what they are; better in some cases.

        • Jayfeather787

          Exactly. They are far superior and I would run a custom ROM on every device.

          • AnonGuy

            No. They aren’t far superior and are often rife with issues.

          • Jayfeather787

            Nope. You don’t know shiz.

  • Adir Feijo

    I’m looking forward to the next version of Android indeed.

  • Peter Blanco

    The good thing is, assuming they release a developer version somewhere you know one way or another that will make its way to the custom rom community!

  • Jayfeather787


  • Alexander Morales Sevilla

    I hope a fix for VPN tunneling, I have to work with Android 4.3 because of this KitKat issue

  • rackajuh

    this will be 5.0 according to clocks of the screenshots