Gmail for Android has yet to receive the same redesign treatment as Google+, and app designer Paul Burke has his own idea of what it should look like. Burke wanted to reimagine how Gmail for Android could look since the introduction of Google Now. Also inspired by the design on iOS, he got to work creating several stunning renders.

From Burke’s post:

The basic premise of this redesign is new navigation, and more focus on people and content. I’ve been working on this in tiny bursts for a while, and wanted to get more screens done, but at this rate, the actual app will come out first. I hope to, at least, get more done to show how the cards would work in the Conversation view.

The redesign is very similar to the Google+ app, and features an elegant interface. There are now three sections: Important and Unread, Starred, and Everything Else. At first glance, you can star an email, and if there is an attachment or calendar invite, you can open them directly by selecting the appropriate icon.

Attachments open in the Drive app while calendar invites open in the Calendar app. Photos of contacts are much more prominent, and if they don’t have a photo, the first letter of their name will display instead. Burke also implemented a navigation drawer that Google+ app users are familiar with.

You are able to easily switch accounts from the navigation drawer. All sections seen in the sidebar of the Gmail web client are right there, including your labels. Directly below labels, you can find least-accessed sections such as Spam or Trash.

Within emails, icons to “Archive”, “Delete”, “Label”, etc., have moved to the very top. Headlines are now larger, and attachments or calendar invites appear at the top of a thread for quicker access.


Simple gestures allow you to quickly archive or delete a message. A two-finger swipe down will archive while a two-finger swipe up will delete. Burke noted, “Google had nothing to do with this concept, and you shouldn’t expect Gmail to ever look this way.” We hope it does.

Mike Stenger
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  • I want it

  • Jeff Edsell

    Wow, thats excellent!

  • BrianS

    Awful, absolutely awful. That sort of design is precisely why my Google+/Facebook usage is declining. Let me guess, you like Flipboard too?

  • BrianS

    Awful, absolutely awful. That sort of design is precisely why my Google+/Facebook usage is declining. Let me guess, you like Flipboard too?

  • Magneira

    After seing this something hit me, i know that this is not oficial but i think that the android team cooperated with facebook on theyr launcher and chatheads thing and i have a strong feeling we are going to see something like chatheads for their new integrated messagin or even backed in on the new version of android.

  • vampyren

    About time, i started using mailbox on my iphone and thought why hasnt gmail for android been using the gesture more and now here it comes :) i’m waiting for my galaxy S4 so hope to see this arriving soon.

    • WestIndiesKING

      i like gestures but not too many gestures. its my one beef with the iphone. I dont want to have to end up having to do gang signs on my phone to do everything. Some is okay but not too many. I think the design is okay i dont like how he did the inbox works. I dont feel that its clever use of all the space. I dont want to have collapse and expand my all of the time. to get to what i need to get to.

  • I just want it as simple and practice as possible. I remember when i first used it i archives some mails by accident and i still got no idea where the hell they are.

  • freedomspopular

    I can see the appeal, but I definitely prefer a more simple approach, like what they have now. And I definitely prefer having checkboxes to do bulk deletions.

  • David Walker


  • Ugo Marceau

    I don’t like it, it’s crowded, it’s mixed with G+, not a good idea. I want Gmail to let me check my mail, not my social networks. I would have launched G+ or Facebook if I’d wanted that. I like how Gmail is now, clean and simple.
    Also, Gmail is used by more and more professionals who won’t want their mailboxes cluttered by all the other google services.

    • But this concept isn’t mixed with G+ or other Google services. It’s purely email.

      • Ugo Marceau

        In the first picture, there’s a “New G+ notifications” in “Important and unread”. I wouldn’t want that in my e-mail. Also, I always found that 2 finger gestures are awkward. Most of the time I only ever use my thumb to do anything on my phone. Sure I only have a 4.3″ screen and it probably works otherwise on larger screens but still…

        • george

          dude thats an email, that g+ sent lol, its not a notification…

  • Timothy Walter

    me want

  • Alu Zeros


  • Milind

    Absolutely god awful!! I want to see as much of my email headers as I can when I open my email. Not see huge icons and photos taking up valuable real estate. My email is not a freaking social network. I need to do real work.

  • just give me a dark version..thats all thats needed