Philips Xenium W8510 pushes the boundaries of battery life, offers 35 days stand-by and 18 hours talk time

by: Andrew GrushJuly 18, 2013


Today’s smartphones might be powerful beasts, but they are also energy hogs. Even some of the longest-lived Android smartphones only manage around 12 – 15 hours of talk time, and less than 15 days stand-by on a single charge.

That’s probably enough for most users, but what if you are looking for something that lasts even longer? Enter the Philips Xenium W8510, a mid-range smartphone with a mega-sized 3,300 mAh battery.

Thanks to its massive battery, the Philips Xenium W8510 manages to provide 18 hours of talk time over 3G, 14-hours web-browsing time over Wi-Fi and roughly 35 days stand-by time.


While battery power seems to be the biggest focus here, it appears that the phone also will feature a 4.7-inch 720p display, a 1.2GHz MediaTek quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. Not much else is known about the hardware, though we can tell you that the W8510 features fast-charging.

Reportedly, the fast-charge functionality will allow you to charge your dead handset for only ten minutes and yet you’ll already have enough energy to make a 2 hour call or handle 20 hours of stand-by time.

The Philips Xenium W8510 might not have the most impressive hardware specs, but it’s hard not to be at least a little impressed by its battery life and fast-charging capabilities.

Unfortunately, the handset will probably never make its way outside of Japan, which is a damn shame. If the Xenium W8510 ever came to your local market, would you consider it – or would you rather sacrifice a little battery life for beefier specs?

  • najiy91

    surely i will take it.tell who does not want good battery?..medium spec,it does not will be a good sale and i hope they will consider to sell it outside japan.

  • melhiore

    I still do not understand all complains regarding 1 day battery life. All my friends are charging the mobiles every night, every single person I did ask admitted that mobile is plugged in to charging every night, I do charge my mobiles (3 of them) EVERY NIGHT… Why battery life is so crucial?? Surely 2 days is more than enough…

    • palindrome

      my old nokia & sony music phone from 2005 can stand up to 2-4 days per charge.
      you don’t feel we’re going backward in terms of battery life ?

      perhaps you stay in the city all the time.
      go out traveling somewhere, you’ll understand why we need better battery life.

      • melhiore

        I agree however, if you driving a car you do have an access to the charger, you sleep in the hotel you have an access to the charger, you staying overnight in friend house you do have an access to the charger… It is very difficult for me to imagine situation where you staying away from any source of power for long days…

        • cosmo

          Try going on a trip with a tent with your friends for a few days.

          • melhiore

            Once or twice a year I can accept solar battery/external battery pack/wind turbine etc… I am still struggling to find the reason…

          • cosmo

            You must be joking, right?:) Finding yourself on a trip, with your tent, maybe you don’t have enough solar energy to rely on that, cloudy, rainy, forest, mountain cave, don’t know, you name it; or somewhere where you may be left w/o energy supply for days, in a remote village. I for one, wouldn’t left home on a trip, w/ a phone that last 1 day. I just don’t think this would be the smart thing to do.

            Anyway, in the end it all comes down to the way you are using your phone and with your lifestyle; but for some, 1 day battery life it just isn’t enough.

  • lollicup04

    I have never seen philips smartphones in the states. Whats up with that? Whats up with that? Ohwee

    • Leonardo Baez

      us is not the belly of the world… thay are in europe and asia.

      • jardostercli

        have a look at picture above and check a flag :-))

  • Prouddad

    Beefier specs on a device with a removable/ upgradeable battery, and expandable memory. Currently have a Note 2 with a 9300mah battery that I’m getting a solid 2-3 days out of on HEAVY usage, along with a 64gb micro sd card, rooted and running all big apps straight from sd card

    • Prouddad

      My phone is a superhero phone

    • Micro Shaquer

      This is what I’m gonna planning to customize my next smartphone to replace the old but still rocking SGS3.

      So I just want to share the specs I wanted to my possible Galaxy Note 3:-
      1. 6 inches, 2560×1440 pixels at 489 PPI
      2. Super AMOLED Plus with RGB Matrix
      3. Beefier 9500 mAh battery.
      4. Quad core Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 5 Evolve
      5. Adreno 330 GPU (Adreno 350 if existing)
      6. 4 GB RAM and 125 GB Internal Memory
      7. 16 MP rear and 5 MP front Camera
      8. UNIBODY Water and Dust Proof Carbon Fiber or not glossy Polycarbonate and Shock Resistant Phone
      9. Dual SIM support
      10. Bluetooth headset out of the box
      11. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

      Thickness of the phone is not a problem to me. I want a computer replacement on my hand everywhere I go.

      • Prouddad

        Sounds like my dream phone. You have good taste.

        • Micro Shaquer

          Thanks. We tech enthusiasts tend to wish things that will not become obsolete after 2 or more years.

          By the mentioned hardware above I think it can support more upcoming software updates after a year or two of usage.

      • Prouddad

        I would have no problem at all paying 1250$ for all that you just listed. Omg it would be amazing, best phone ever made.

  • Ian Huey

    The real question is this: Is this longer lasting battery a function of the battery or the handset itself?
    If it’s the battery, then Phillips should consider exporting them to the US
    If it’s the handset itself, then perhaps there are battery saving techniques that can be implemented in the hardware or software level.

  • nishantsirohi123

    the mediatek processors are horrible. Micromax has those in its devices and they get jittery even running stock android
    i would rather have a qualcom or exynos dual core than these.
    still the spec is not all that bad. and this device, while may not come to USA
    it can make it to india, branded as a micromax, XOLO or KARBONN

    • martin clinton

      I got my wife the new Acer Liquid E2, as
      she needs a dual sim phone, and that has the new Mediatek 6589 quad core
      processor, and I have to say it really flies, a very pleasant surprise. I know
      its only a 4.5 inch screen running at 960 x 540, but even so, compared to the
      juddery experience she had on the Liquid Gallant it replaced, it’s a big step

  • Jay Mark Sanchez

    nice,practical to use,esp for talking,txtng and even playing games,check fb

  • Jay Mark Sanchez

    before u criticize,know the product well…its better to touch,than to talk

  • nishantsirohi123

    I think google should focus on the battery consumption, there needs to be some modifications to be done with the management of multitasking(the Stamina mode of Xperia Z is one such thing)
    Also the browser in every device eats up the most battery as per the GSM arena battery tests