Philippines’ Globe Telecom to offer Galaxy Note 2 free at P2,500 per month

by: J. Angelo RacomaOctober 7, 2012

galaxy-note-2-n7100 hands on

Carriers around the globe are picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and here’s yet another international telco that’s offering Samsung’s latest phablet. The Philippines is just about to get a taste of the Note 2 through Globe Telecom.

Now the Note 2 is actually in the country already, care of the grey market, although if you want to go the official/carrier route, you can get it from Globe Telecom for free at a contract plan of PhP 2,499 per month. Now that’s about US$ 60 per month, which comes out as reasonable, compared with US and other carriers around the globe. This plan gets you unlimited data and a consumable of PhP 1,500 per month (which can be converted into unlimited calls and SMS through registration promos).

Users can also avail of a lower monthly plan of PhP 1,799 (US$ 43) per month, although you’d have to shell out PhP 6,000 or US$ $146 for the Galaxy Note 2. This plan gets you unlimited data and PhP 800 consumable, which can be used towards calls, SMS or to register to unlimited services.

No word whether the data plans will support LTE speeds, though. While Globe is already supporting LTE in key cities, this requires a separate add-on plan, and the carrier usually offers a separate dongle/mobile router for LTE access.

Globe is set to release the Note 2 on October 17, 2012.

  • columbia

    When oh when will Sun Cellular offer this in my area? :(

    • Mobilegod

      I don’t think that sun cellular will have the note 2 anytime soon.. Probably early January or late December..

  • J.J.

    Goolay! I want the phone so bad, thinking of asking my cousin to get it for me from there.

  • befuddled

    I’m curious if the one Globe and Smart has will be the version with the newer firmware, the one capable of the multi-tasking function. hmmm…

  • Jeffrey Go

    Smart is better. only 2k per month

    • is Smart’s contract up to 12 months only? or 24 months?

      • twinies

        heard it’s 30months. and with 1.5gb/mo data cap. both telcos offers almost the same price. get it from globe’s plan 1,799 + 250 (6k cashout/24mos) = 2049 for a locked in period of 24mos. i’d rather pay an extra 49php than get tied up for another 6mos with Smart.

        • gsnote2smart

          walang data cap ang smart unlike globe may data cap sir…. u can get the gsnote2 for plan 24months for plan 2000 if your going to cashout 2.5k… plus mabilis ang smart naun unlike service ng globe sobrang hassle…

          • niko

            Hi Sir. mag aaply ako sa smart ng 1500 unli data plan. wla po ba talagnag cap na 1.5gb sakanila??feeling ko kasi wala talga. kasi yung prepaid ko ang bilis . ilang years na po ba kau naka line sa smart unli data plan? Thank you sir

  • anne louise sumaya

    Hi~ do you think I can use the Phone in Korea?…

  • Under the Globe 999 Plan the Note 2 is 700p x 24 months. You have the choice of either taking the UNLI DATA for 999 OR you can get 50MB for 99p and use the left over 900p consumable. That means you can make calls, text other networks (surely your friends are on SUN) and data. Did I mention there are 3 freebies? Smart gives what, 200Texts and 60 mins of calls with their UNLI DATA. OKAY. I’m a control freak. I’d much rather have the capability to use the money I pay as I choose.