Over 150 million ‘phablets’ to be sold by 2018, says report

by: Mike StengerApril 24, 2013


According to a new report, over 150 million Android-based ‘phablets’ will be sold by 2018. Titled “Phablets and Superphones Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast, 2012 – 2018”, Transparency Market Research analyzed shipments, sales, and growth across multiple countries. The report failed to define what exactly a “superphone” is. However, our friends over at PhoneArena believe it is “anything fast enough with a screen 4.99″ and below”.

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Phablets and superphones combined, shipments from 2012 to 2018 are said to increase 25.8 percent year-over-year, with a total of 825 million by 2018, while sales are said to surpass $116 billion by 2018. Currently, North America leads in sales, and shipments, while research indicates Asia Pacific will become the largest, and fastest growing market, by 2018.

As of 2012, phablets accounted for around 12 percent of devices. That number is expected to grow to around 30 percent by 2018. To the surprise of nobody, Samsung is the number one seller worldwide of phablets and superphones, taking 70 percent of the market in 2012.

Released in November 2011, the Galaxy Note featured a 5.3-inch display. Dealing with criticism that it was simply too big, Samsung went on to sell seven million in around seven months. Since then, Android phones with displays pushing five inches, have become the norm. Also, now that Samsung has seen success with phablets, they recently announced the Galaxy Mega line.

Available in a 5.8 or 6.3-inch version, they surpass the Galaxy Note II in size, while offering mid-range performance.

  • As the owner of a Nexus 7 and a GNex, I find these phablets Smartphone to be quite interesting. I would love to be able to see what life is like with an Android-based ‘phablets’ Smartphone in my pocket when I’m out and about (i.e. like a Samsung Galaxy Note) and even see if this phablet could be a 2-in-1 device to replace the average sized Smartphone and a 7-inch tablet.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised to see if more and more Smartphone users ended up buying a phablet in the future.

  • MasterMuffin

    But what is a phablet? Is the size of the screen or the size of the device, because when some people say it’s about the inches and 5″ and up are phablets, I say look at the s4 that is smaller than s3 with a 5″ display, it certainly isn’t a phablet. So what’s the rule? :)

    • APai

      good point. if you look at the xperia ZL – it’s pretty compact too – so the rule is fuzzy i suppose!

    • It can be confusing. Typically, it’s based on the size of the display.

    • blairh

      A phablet is anything over 5″ and under 7″. A 5″ screen means it is not a phablet.

    • No maximum size but MUST HAVE CELLULAR CAPABILITY!

      A 10′ tablet with phone is a phablet too.

  • freedomspopular

    When you consider that a lot of smartphone users nowadays rarely use the phone function, having a larger do-it-all device just makes more sense.

  • I have a Notre 2 and its a great. Pnone. The galaxy S4 is nothing but a supped up S3. I seen it, nothing to freak out about.

  • Opps note 2

  • If you don’t like the phrase phablet start using TABONE.

    You guys set the jargon we use after all ;)

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