Petition to save Google Reader nearing 50,000 signatures. Will it make a difference?

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 14, 2013


While the announcement of Andy Rubin handing over the Android reigns to Sundar Pichai was shocking, the blogosphere was even more upset and surprised by Google’s decision to shut down Google Reader, as a part of its second “spring cleaning.” Google’s decision was based on the simple fact that “while the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined.” Well, that angry “loyal following” has decided to let Google know its feelings on the subject, using the best way to get your point across nowadays, with a petition to save Google Reader.

The petition, started by Dan Lewis, features a moving request by the petitioner to keep Google Reader running, with passages including –

“Our confidence in Google’s other products — Gmail, YouTube, and yes, even Plus — requires that we trust you in respecting how and why we use your other products. This isn’t just about our data in Reader. This is about us using your product because we love it, because it makes our lives better, and because we trust you not to nuke it.


So, please don’t destroy that trust.”

Google Reader supporters have certainly risen to the occasion, with the petition already nearing the 50,000 signatures in a day. In fact, at the time I started writing this article, it was at around 40,000, and in the short time since, the number has already reached 46,000, which is great.

If you’d like to sign the petition, you can do so here.

The question is, is Google going to listen? Is there any advantage to keeping Google Reader running for the company? Is this petition going to make a difference? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Magneira

    I use it everyday and just signed it

    • NicholasMicallef

      Same here, I use it and the chrome Google Reader notifier plugin.

  • Khwaja Naveed

    Great Service by Google.. I use it with feeddemon to sync everything with google reader !

  • raindog469

    I came here because I saw your headline in Google Reader. It’s not Google who stands to lose traffic by killing Reader, it’s hundreds of thousands of blogs like this one. I have 499 feeds in Reader. If I were a non-technical user, I’d be back to checking 5 or 10 of those manually every few days, at most, and relying on what my friends post to Facebook for news. People who don’t follow a lot of Twitter users have that as an option too, but for me it’s a firehose, way too high-volume to use as a news aggregator (and “140 characters for headline plus URL” isn’t a great way to get your news anyway).

    That said, I’ll be installing TinyTinyRSS (from tonight on one of my own servers. Most users don’t have the wherewithal to do that, but for them there’s also, Feedly (if you can stomach their interface), and at least a dozen other hosted solutions… not to mention all the Android and desktop clients that still exist without requiring Google Reader. It’s a good reminder that while Google makes it easy to go all-in with their ecosystem, you’re screwed when your needs no longer coincide with theirs.

  • Mike Pants

    It’s up to 60k.

  • Yep, I read this in Reader, too, and clicked through to comment. If you did the same, go sign the petition.

  • Simon Belmont

    I doubt it will make a difference, but I wish it would. Google Reader was awesome, and I used it for years.

    When it comes down to it, websites actually lose traffic with the loss of Google Reader. I OFTEN jump into the actual website that the feed came from to comment, and I am sure I’m not the only one. Also, using Google Reader just made filtering through oodles of feeds easier and thus I could consume more, thus bringing more traffic to websites. Please reconsider, Google.

  • Google Reader is how I read all my news on mobile and most of my news on the desktop. Reader is how I keep on top of all my sites.