Pebble smartwatch delayed indefinitely, better think of another Christmas gift

December 8, 2012
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We got some bad news for folks who have backed the Pebble smartwatch project on Kickstarter expecting the e-ink wristwatch to arrive before the turn of the year. After announcing back in July that the team won’t be able to ship the Pebble as targeted in September, the delivery date has been pushed back again.

The following announcement was posted on the company’s Kickstarter page: “Unfortunately we will not be able to ship out Pebble in time for the holidays. As a tiny act of compensation, we’d like to offer you this little holiday card.”

The Pebble team hasn’t set a new timeline of when it expects to send the first batch of orders. From the posts, we do know that they’re still trying to iron out problems in manufacturing the smartwatch – all 85,000 of them – before starting mass production. We’ll keep you posted.


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