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Whether it is a copyright troll or a patent troll, today’s society seems to have a troll for just about every general aspect of business life. To be fair, I am not talking about companies who make products and are protecting their rights. The following companies are ones who make nothing, research nothing and do nothing other than sue businesses through a Non-Practicing Entity.

Today, we have a new way in which people and businesses are being shaken down for basic business activities. If you are a business with customers who pay their credit cards online, Landmark Technology, LLC, can sue you for patent infringement. Yes, by paying with a credit card online, whether through your phone or computer.

As TechDirt notes, Landmark makes no products and offers no services. However, they own patent 6,289,319 which deals with ‘Automatic Business and Financial Transaction Processing System.’

Landmark has been suing people under several names since 2003 and has gotten tens of thousands of dollars by scaring small businesses into paying them for the ability to stay out of court. Recently, Lockwood has decided to sue Dunkin’ Donuts, Abercrombie & Fitch, Caesar’s Gaming, Hitachi and Harley-Davidson, Louis Vuitton, The Children’s Place, Rubbermaid and others.

Landmark has the same type of business practice that other trolls have in that they simply send demand letters and follow that up with a lawsuit. has an example of a letter sent by Landmark to businesses that supposedly infringe on Landmark’s patents of “network technologies relating to Internet searching, bill pay, and business-to-business transactions.”

Hopefully, the Electronic Frontier Foundation gets the Senate to pass their version of the Innovation Act, which sailed through Congress late last year but has since been watered down due to lobbyists from, among others, patent troll king, Intellectual Ventures.

  • melhiore

    God, how happy I am living in Europe where this crap is not happening…

    • Mur

      That’s because all of tech pretty much started in the US, so a whole bunch of patents on dumb, obvious things were filed there.

      • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

        “That’s because all of tech pretty much started in the US”

        That is one of the most ridiculous things i’ve ever read on here. I’ve had enough of the internet for today.

        • Mur

          Oh yeah, so where did the PC revolution occur according to you?

          • Jei

            Because you stated “That’s because all of tech pretty much started in the US” that is just about the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever heard. Technology is not one step, technology has been happening ever since we climbed down from trees and started walking upright, and maybe even before that, but i do not know for sure.

            Furthermore some of the first “computer” not calculator were done under the Nazi command in Germany. You should look at the history of computers.

    • bon Bonne

      In China patent doesn’t exist, it’s really a happy place to live

    • Jayfeather787

      Let’s just put a patent on air and see what happens…

  • Dimitar Gospodinov

    You guys should rape the patent committee publicly….lol

  • MasterMuffin


    I know, hashtags are annoying, but this needs to become a thing! :)

    • John Doe

      there is probably a patent for that and a troll that wants to sue you … !! lol

  • John Doe

    Why can’t groups like ‘Anonymous’ go after companies (trolls) like this, and make their lives a living hell? I was under the impression that this group was created for this purpose (tho not specifically Trolls)?
    Like why did they not go after the Wall street bankers that put us into such an economic mess?
    Why don’t groups of companies like Dunkin Donuts, Abercrobie .. etc join forces to destroy a$$ hole business like this?

  • Robotech_Master

    These guys REALLY ought to go after New Egg. After all, as a major ecommerce company, New Egg takes plenty of card payments online…

  • This is why the american patent system is abused so much.

    • It is and it isn’t. It’s intention was to protect, but as with anything good, comes room for abuse. We need to stomp out the abuse.

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