Patent Chief claims US patent system isn’t broken

by: Joe HindyNovember 24, 2012

Thoughts on the patent system aside, we’re all pretty tired of the constant litigation. OEMs are spending money and time in court battling one another instead of on their products. As it turns out, not everyone shares that opinion. Patent Chief David J. Kappos believes everything is working fine.

Yes, there was no typo. Despite some ups and downs, Mr. Kappos believes that our patent system isn’t broken and is functioning as it should be. A study conducted by the USPTO showed that over 80% of patents being used in high profile cases right now are valid. Apparently, four out of five is good enough for the USPTO.

According to The New York Times, Mr. Kappos talked about the patent wars with a little indignation. He defended the patent wars, stating that it’s just the process working as it should. As the New York Times put it, all these lawsuits aren’t a bug, but a feature.

So Mr. Kappos thinks there is nothing wrong with our patent system?

For the most part, yes. Mr. Kappos stepped back from his defense once to admit that software patents aren’t everything they should be. He’s quoted as saying, “We know that inconsistency in software patent issuance causes uncertainty in the marketplace and can cause threats of litigation that in turn can stifle innovation and deter new market entrants.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth. With Apple frequently obtaining patents on such bleeding edge technology as the page turning animation, software really should be given more scrutiny. Unfortunately, there is some room to disagree that the rest of the patent system is okay. After all, Apple was granted a patent for a basic geometry shape.

So for those who were hoping that the patent system would be changed up, you’re going to be very disappointed the the USPTO. While the words of Mr. Kappos bring hope for at least the software side of patents, it seems the system as a whole isn’t making any significant changes. Let us know what you think about that.

  • Apparently the first change in patent law reform needs to be finding a new patent chief.

    • You wish…… But it worked.
      USPTO director David Kappos to depart in January, leave mixed record in tech patents -

  • Kindroid

    Stop the presses. Patent Chief Kappos says PO not broke. Breaking news…WATER IS WET !!!!

  • IncCo

    How strange that the Patent Chief would say something like this … /s

  • supermans dad

    Come on just look at him!! It doesn’t take much to see $$$ is the big picture here.. crooked ass system!!! but what can we expect right?? lol

  • I just had to. What is this man thinking?

    • Kagnon

      If the system isn’t broken, he is.

      (Cause he gets all the money that’s why he’s keeping it that way)

  • Kan

    Wait a minute, it’s working right? So since Apple only patented the rounded rectangle, I can go out and patent the rounded Triangle?

  • masterdebater

    Stupidity and douchebaggery now has a face.

  • dssdd

    What a moron.

  • Wow.. can’t believe it… it’s his view that everything is just fine! Well that explains the problem. Those fools over at the patent office (sorry for any general fools I’ve offended using your title so loosely but I can’t write here what I truly want to call them.) obviously think everything’s just fine. But they certainly aren’t “smarter than a fifth grader” if they think anyone else agrees. Even in his defense he talks of too much litigation and some questionable patent issues. What a moron to say something like this while the courts are over ran with patents fights over “rounded corners” and soon “page turning” on ebook readers. Face it Mr. Kappos you and your employees are simply wrong. With many of the patents you and your office have issued void for a number reasons covering everything from prior art to original idea far to many recent patents have been worse than simply wrong they have been illegal. You Mr. Kappos and your patent office have destroyed what the patent system was created to do.. protect true original and unique ideas from being stolen by others for their profit. Now we often see honest companies that have done nothing wrong either sued or threatened with legal actions using patents that are no more than a license to sue with out proper cause.

  • KC

    USPTO is the biggest laughing stock of the world. Everyone outside USA is appalled by the USPTO and its stupidity. They are perceived to be corrupt and stupid, granting patents to stop the progress of mankind. Innovations/inventions that are beneficial to mankind should not be granted patents, but free for mankind to enjoy. Just when will they stop employing narrow-minded, dull, idiots!! Ugh!!!

    • It’s not just everyone outside. I live here and I think it’s a complete travesty. Everyday I grow more ashamed of our government, especially the morons who voted the same socialist idiot tanking the economy who was last time.

  • WestIndiesKING

    This is just a failed man trying to protect his shit legacy and not have his tenure look like a total wash. Its like when a company is going belly up and the CEO sends out an email saying everything is okay and to keep on working hard while he gets ready to cash out on run for the hills.