ParanoidAndroid ROM review – Galaxy Nexus gets tablified [Video]

by: ClaytonMay 3, 2012

Lucky Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners have plenty of screen real estate to work with. With a whopping 1280×720 resolution, and a sharp 316 pixels per inch (PPI), it’s a wonder that Samsung didn’t take bit more advantage of the phone’s specs. Regardless, being the Google phone has its perks, as developer “drcmda” has constructed a ROM that, with a simple flash, turns your Galaxy Nexus into a tablet/phone hybrid.

About the ROM

“This is NOT just tablet mode”, the developer says, “This is an ongoing developer project to make way for a modification that will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the experience of your phone.” That’s right! When running the ParanoidAndroid ROM you will be working with a 4.65” tablet. That means apps, menus, and UI are all in tablet format. Even native apps such as the dialer have been optimized to bear their respective tablet style look. This ROM basically tricks your phone into thinking it’s a tablet!


  • Cyanogenmod 9 source code
  • Re-written Trebuchet launcher for tablet mode
  • Butter-smooth performance.
  • 100% functional android standard keyboard
  • Custom Boot animation
  • Fully functional Google Apps package
  • Available for the GSM and CDMA Galaxy Nexus.

Installation is as simple as flashing any other ROM in ClockworkMod recovery just wipe your data, cache, and dalvick cache before flashing. This ROM means business, but you can easily flash another ROM if you happen to not like your hybrid setup.


So, if you’re looking to soak up some of that delicious screen space on your Galaxy Nexus, why not turn it into a mini-tablet with the ParanoidAndroid ROM? Let us know your thoughts! Butter smooth people, and bacon tasty!

  • sketch

    Have been using this rom for week now and loving it. Can’t wait to test the upcoming version with custom densities for the apps.

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      Definitely! Should be coming in the next update.

      • paleh0rse

        Can you better explain what is meant by “custom densities for the apps”?

        Awesome work btw!

        • Clayton Ljungberg

          Thanks a bunch! so there were a bit of problems with the windows/animations/fonts in the apps being too big. So with custom pixel densities, you can basically assign apps a custom size/resolution, so they look better in the tablet mode. Hope that helps!

  • Would fit more to the galaxy Note with its 5,3″ Screen.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    I want to see how this looks on a HTC One X with it’s 4.7 inch screen.

  • tBs_Battousai

    how is this guy not working for google?!?!?

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      Developers can sure do magical things, it would be smart for Google to bring some aboard for sure.

  • i’m divided on loving/hating this rom… it looks great but half my purchased apps in market are incompatible now

  • lemongrass

    This is a waist of my time can’t read sdcard

    • Drambuie

      I really would think twice before trusting a review that “waists” my time ;)

  • naz

    Hey man I have paranoid android installed on my GS3 , I love this from, only one problem, face unlock does not work, when trying to set up, the screen shows fuzziness (from the front facing camera) please give me a fix , this will be perfect

    • You are the first person in two years to actually care about Face Unlock. Bully for you.