Paranoid Android’s Notification Peek available to all, ported as APK

by: Robert TriggsMay 5, 2014
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The new builds of Paranoid Android are slowing building up an impressive list of features, and one of the best looking ones is Notification Peek. But if installing custom ROMs is a little bit too much hassle just to try it out, fear not. Zhe Lu, a Computer Science student, has kindly ported the feature over to an APK for us all to enjoy.

In case you missed it, Notification Peek closely resembles the Active Display function from the Moto X, which allows users to see and respond to new notifications without having to unlock their device. If you want to see PA’s Notification Peek in action, check out the video below.

The feature first appeared in the Beta 1 build for Paranoid Android 4.2, so you will need a device running Android 4.4.2 KitKat for the APK to install. For this reason, I haven’t been able to try it out for myself yet.

If you are running Android 4.4 and would like to try it out, start by downloading the latest APK file from GitHub onto your handset and follow these simple steps.

  1. Turn on installing from “unknown sources” in your handset’s security settings
  2. Go to your downloads folder and install the APK
  3. Open the app and enable both of the settings to grant the app the required permissions
  4. Done, just wait for a notification to come through

Just remember that this is still a bit of a work in progress. It isn’t guaranteed to work with every handset configuration and might be susceptible to the odd force close. Hopefully Zhe Lu can continue with his daily builds for a little while longer, and give this APK the love it deserves.

If you do happen to try it out, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • To PA users: I told you so. :)

  • Aaron S

    Doesn’t work on the LG VS980 (Verizon G2). Cannot uninstall either…

    • Humberto Hernandez

      If you don’t read, you won’t uninstall it, just because you don’t know how to uninstall it, does not mean it can’t be uninstalled. This is why we see so many 1 star coments on the playstore, just because they don’t know how to uninstall the app.

      Just revoque the permission you gave the app when you installed it, in settings > security Done.

      • Aaron S

        That didn’t work bud. This ain’t my first rodeo so chill. That’s why I posted can’t uninstall. After I REVOKED the permissions it still would not uninstall, someone more helpful than you suggested a simple drag and drop to uninstall and that worked. Something I didn’t even think of… Just would not work in the app manager for some reason.

  • ihateit

    it works but can’t be uninstalled. frustrating! :|

    • Danmark Arqueza

      Go to Security/Device Administrators then deactivate it

  • Ayysir_PA

    >_> meh

  • Stranger from a Far Coast

    What about Hover?

    There are tons of apps like Peek in playstore. -.-

  • Victor

    Not working on my lg g2 running 4.4.2…it installed but didn’t work I disabled all other notifications.

  • aadithyapk

    U guys know there is an app called AcDisplay already in play store that is 100 times better than this right?

    • Impheatus

      Agree 100%
      AcDisplay works way better.

      • Matt Dowdy

        For me acdisplay acted a bit strange whilst in a call With the display flashing on and off possibly due to a conflict with the proximity sensor?. Has anyone else got that issue or know of a way to Resolve it? Stock rooted rom s4

    • OreoGoPogo

      Join their beta tester, it works like a charm!

  • Android Developer

    “The feature first appeared in the Beta 1 build for Paranoid Android 4.2, so you will need a device running Android 4.4.2 KitKat for the APK to install”
    why 4.4.2, if it was shown on 4.2 ?

    • Callum

      The PA Version is/was called 4.2 and runs on Android 4.4.2

      • Android Developer

        ohh… that explains it.
        Thank you.

  • daman

    How to uninstall notification peek?

  • Jose Luis Chinas Romero

    How come you don’t have a device running 4.4.2 and work in this site?

  • Alexander Evans

    What messaging app is that??