Paranoid Android shows off multi-tasking functionality [video]

by: Robert TriggsApril 29, 2013


Multi-tasking on small devices can be a hassle usually resulting in flipping backwards and forwards between various apps. That is unless you’re device has some more advanced built-in multitasking functionality like Samsung’s split screen option available in the Premium Suite or the CyanogenMod/Google pop-out notifications.

But Paranoid Android aims to take multi-tasking on smartphones and tablets up a notch, by building an all new in-app, multiple-window approach to the problem. In fact the developers really don’t care very much for the current implementations from their rivals, they had this to say about the state of multi-tasking:

“We think these [Samsung, Cyanogen & Cornerstone] implementations suck and we want to get it right this time. If what we have in mind will pan out, minds will be blown.”

Pretty blunt and boastful stuff, so how does Paranoid Android’s version work and is it really any better than the competing ideas?

Well from what we’ve seen so far, at this stage an additional window pops-out from a prompt in the notification menu. But unlike other notification pop-up based systems, Paranoid Android’s seems to keep full functionality available rather than just providing a slimmed down version of the app; see Google’s SMS reply from a notification idea for example.

On top of that, other applications remain running constantly in the foreground and background, allowing users to quickly tap back to something else if they need to. The layout also makes the best possible use of the limited screen space, rather than Samsung’s split screen which chops the available space in half.

You can check out the video below for a demonstration of the updated ROM in action, which supposedly doesn’t even show off even 10% of the functionality.

[embed, width=”645][/embed]

I can’t what to see what else the Paranoid Android team has up its sleeve.

  • MasterMuffin

    “I can’t what to see what else the Paranoid Android team has up its sleeve.” :DD

  • I don’t really see the benefit here. Ok so the app doesn’t fill the entire screen but it still uses so much that any other app that is open behind the app in the forefront can’t be seen or used. I am not seeing how this is any different from standard multitasking in Android.

    • Shahin Yavari

      It’s just the foundation. Perhaps they will implement the idea that samsung has used where the windows are resizable and movable

      • If they allow for seeing two apps at once, that will be an improvement for sure. Granted I still do find the Android multitasking to be rather sufficient.

  • meme

    i don’t even know what is that. their pie interface is rather useless, making it more difficult to navigate the menus

  • William Worlde

    I simply don’t get it! This seems to me to simply be multitasking. I settled on the JBSourcery ROM (after trying about 7, including PA), and found it to be one of the best for battery, CPU utilization, speed and general functionality (especially camera) – the “really important” stuff.

    If they could give me a way to show a useful split screen (current ones are all quite useless) or a floating Note app, something along those lines, then I’d say they’ve done something useful. Showing us 90% uselessness equals 0% usefulness.

  • Barry Crosby

    C,mon people this is not useless ..its basically chat heads on every single app ..look on g+ at paranoidandroid. There is a better explanation to it ..anyway well done PA TEAM .

  • vishal

    it does not show sd card