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The team behind Paranoid Android recently announced that it was killing the Halo multitasking system, but it turns out the team had larger plans for Paranoid Android that will change just about everything.

With the release of a KitKat-based ROM Paranoid Android will hit version 4.0, but first the team decided to rebuild the entire ROM from scratch. The new PA won’t port over everything from version 3.99, instead the team wanted to focus on making the next version more like stock Android. Almost everything in the ROM is being redesigned to fit the team’s vision of what makes a great ROM based on stock Android.

The new direction for Paranoid Android means there will be less “kanging” in PA 4.0. The team won’t borrow features from other ROMs, and will instead focus on making its own features in its “Googly” way that makes them simple to use and easy to modify. That doesn’t mean there will be no borrowing of features — the team will look into incorporating features the community wants that match its standards, but nothing is guaranteed.

The ultimate goal of PA 4.0 it to attract more people to the ROM, and not just the usual lot who are comfortable with command line operations.

One of those added features, Pie, will be updated to fit the same aesthetic of the Google Now Launcher that debuted on the Nexus 5. That means it will have easy access to Google Now with a swipe to the left-most homescreen. It also means new typography and smother animations. Of course, Pie will have its own features such as the ability to hide the navigation bar and status bar. The above video shows how Pie lets you use gestures instead of having the navigation bar on screen at all times.

As for the Halo multitasking feature, it will be replaced by a new feature called Hover that will be similar, but different enough to justify a new name.

Paranoid Android 4.0 is now available as a beta, though there’s no word on when exactly a final version will be ready.

Will you try the new Paranoid Android?

  • Xavier_NYC

    This looks promising. I’m hoping CM follows suit and do the same.

    • Shark Bait

      totally agree, i though PA rulles but never used halo either, just never seems to be better than normal notifications for me

  • MasterMuffin

    The latest version with PIE is actually PA 4.1, not 4.0 :) They had to explain what they’re doing because people are so impatient and were going mad!

  • Aki I.

    Proof reading is dead.

    • KingofPing

      I kept thinking, “ESL?” throughout the entire write-up.


  • Garbis Tapacian

    Pie control is overrated if you ask me…tried it, used it a week, moved on. Bringing new things to Android on a regular basis, and keeping it stable is what would make ROM reliable and trustworthy

  • ed bert

    Shawn, you really need someone to proof read your work.

  • Ocab19

    When I look for a custom ROM I try to find one that has as many features as possible, and the “built from scratch” probably means it’s going to have very few of them.
    I think I will stick to Carbon, it’s the most fully-featured I’ve found so far

  • Jayfeather787

    I want this!!!!!!!

  • Chad Fernando

    will this be available on the S4? ugh, i was gonna get the nexus 5 but the price of the nexus 5 and the s4 here in NZ is nearly the same