Paranoid Android 4.5 reaches Beta 1 status

by: Robert TriggsAugust 5, 2014
Paranoid Android Wallpaper 6

More news from one of Android’s most popular ROMs, the 4.5 build of Paranoid Android has just left alpha stage and has arrived in a more stable beta form in this latest update.

Over the past few weeks, the development team have been ironing out the small bugs and stability issues reported by alpha testers, resulting in the new 4.5 build that the team considers fairly polished and quite stable.

If you haven’t seen it already, the big change with the 4.5 build, compared with the currently stable 4.4 version, is the introduction of the new Android L-esque Recents feature. If it is not to your taste, users have a choice whether or not to implement the redesigned recent apps “card stack” look, which you can see in the video below:

Here is the changelog for the new beta build:

  • Significantly increased the stability of recents
  • Patch Google bug 13678484 aka “Fake ID”
  • Make PA specific features work nicely on multi-user
  • Include the latest CM changes for the theme engine
  • Fix the “clear all recents” bug

You know the drill by now. You can find the 4.4 and 4.5 downloads for Nexus, and now Oppo, devices over at the Paranoid Android website, or can alternatively dig out legacy builds over at Existing Paranoid Android users should see the update notification appear sometime soon.

  • Jameriquai

    Written for the average Joe, with the simplest instructions, with pictures.
    How to actually install Paranoid Android on your phone, end of :

    Your phone will be unrooted, unlocked, and have a recovery in the process.

    • Android Developer

      why unrooted?
      also, the link you’ve written is about CM rom, and not Paranoid…

      • choke

        Yes, it’s cm… But as it says, once that’s done, it’s just an extra step to get paranoid.

        It’s the easiest instructions I’ve seen yet… By far.

        • Android Developer

          You wrote “how to actually install Paranoid…” , yet the link talks about installing CM…
          So it’s not the easiest way to do so.

          • choke


            I don’t think you’ve read it… See the end.

            It’s useful because it’s written in such a way that anyone, without a technical background, can follow. That is all. Peace.

          • Android Developer

            oh right.
            It’s just that I remember this webpage and I didn’t remember it had PA in it.
            However, why did you write “unrooted” ?

          • onDi

            Oh cool.

            Yeah cuz it unroots your phone in the process. Why? Beats me… But I am now a “superuser”.

          • Android Developer

            So it’s different from the CM process. there they say in the end that it will be rooted.

          • ck

            Oh crap… Yeah I think you may be right, I’m confused. Rooted.

            Whichever one gives you super user access.

  • Αργυρης κ.

    Clean ROM is much smoother than paranoid on nexus 7 2013

    • MasterMuffin

      The right kernel with right configuration makes everything pretty much the same.

      • JLM

        Which Kernel would you recommend? I have the N7 2012 running F2FS version of SlimKat and it can still feel slow. With the N4 though it always runs pretty smooth.

        • MasterMuffin

          Nothing, I don’t have that device.

  • Alf Zamudio

    Great rom. The camera doesn’t work on the oneplus one though. Had to revert back to 4.45

    • Adrian Ioanci

      does it even count? i had cm11 installed just for that and didn’t think as a big of a deal :)

      • Alf Zamudio

        Yes because if there’s a camera on my phone I wanna use it.

        • Adrian Ioanci

          Sorry, i meant for the app itself. I use the camera on my phone :)

  • Adrian Ioanci

    it’s the only rom that convinced me to go custom on my nexus 5

  • freedomispopular

    Is there a way to revert it?