Panasonic is considering selling its smartphone business, a report on Japanese news outlet Sankei Shimbun says. While that’s newsworthy in its own, the names of the potential buyers are even more interesting.

That report mentions HTC and TSMC as potential buyers. According to the report, the sale could go through if there will be no improvement on the financial front in the close future. The report also adds that the sale is apparently conditioned by the existence of an agreement in terms not only of price, but also of keeping the workforce.

For a long time, Panasonic made smartphones exclusively for the Japanese market, being a rather discrete presence in the rest of the world. However, the Eluga models, first shown last year at MWC, looked like sign of a comeback to the global market. Things haven’t gone in the right direction, really, and, even if the Eluga has received an Ice Cream Sandwich update in November, nothing much has happened since.

I frankly don’t know why HTC would buy Panasonic’s mobile business,  other than acquiring market share in Japan (let’s not forget that HTC has financial problems of its own).

On the other hand, TSMC could think about making phones based on its own chips, and that would make at least some sense.

What do you think? Will this deal happen?

Bogdan Bele
Bogdan is a tech writer and blogger, passionate about everything mobile in general and Android in particular. When he's not writing about technology or playing with various gadgets (which he's doing most of the time), he enjoys listening to a lot of music and reading.
  • MasterMuffin

    No. Just no :)

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  • magnifico17

    i think that is agood move by htc.they battling with financial reverses and scanty profit margines despite all their hardwork.perhaps this move could resulit in a lucrative turn around story.for tsmc i don’t know.

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