Video: Panasonic Avionics and Thales to use Android for in-flight entertainment

by: James TromansSeptember 27, 2010
Android for in-flight entertainment

Android for in-flight entertainment

Thales and competitor Panasonic Avionics are looking to make full use of Android for their in-flight entertainment systems. What Thales are doing with the system seems relatively straightforward, but entertainment systems in the sky always lag behind the times when compared to those on the ground.

For example, Thales are using Android to power a display on your wired hand-set controller, as well as manage the content displayed on your bigger screen TV or media unit. This means that you can control you playlist, play games and make full use of the Android OS while at the same time watching a movie on the primary display display unit. This whole concept is called the Touch Passenger Media Unit.

With all of this said, Panasonic Avionics are doing their own thing with regards to Android too, and both videos are available after the jump.

[Via: Engadget]

  • Greg

    What the heck is avoinics? A typo is one thing but it’s misspelled 3 times. :-)

  • Ha! Thanks for the spot Greg, I have a cold :( Mistyped it in the title of the post and then copy and pasted it from there two times. Is it me, or is the imagination crippled with these in-flight entertainment systems? It took a million years to get network gaming going and the selection sucks! Hopefully approved games from the Android market will resolve that.