5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

by: Joe HindyOctober 23, 2016
In this week's episode, we talk about two Pixel apps to hit the Play Store, Candy Crush's TV show, a new Plants vs Zombies, and more Android apps news!
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Google Pixel XL International Giveaway!

by: Derek ScottOctober 23, 2016
Try your luck in this week's Sunday Giveaway and you could win yourself a brand new Google Pixel XL!
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Will manufacturers make phones in Indonesia next year?

by: Edgar CervantesOctober 22, 2016
The Indonesian government wants tech companies to bring their tech to the emerging smartphone market, but not without some conditions.
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Google seems to have hidden HTC involvement in Google Pixel XL code

by: Edgar CervantesOctober 22, 2016
Recent evidence seems to show HTC and Google worked more closely in the development of the phone than we previously believed.
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Minecraft: Pocket edition update includes Add-Ons, the Wither, slash commands and more

by: Edgar CervantesOctober 22, 2016
Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a great mobile alternative to the PC iteration, but it has obviously lacked some of the features many of you are used to. The latest update to version 0.16.0 brings some of these capabilities to your smartphones and tablets.

Double tap: five killer Android features

by: Kris CarlonOctober 22, 2016
Among all the outstanding Android features and shortcuts I've ever used, I realized that my favorites all use a double tap gesture to activate...
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Evernote now supports Android Nougat’s app shortcuts

by: Kris CarlonOctober 22, 2016
The most recent update to Evernote, the popular note-taking app, has added Android 7.1 Nougat's app launcher shortcuts.
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YouTube reinstates that GTA V exploding Galaxy Note 7 video

by: Kris CarlonOctober 22, 2016
The video of the GTA V mod featuring an explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been reinstated by YouTube following a counter-claim by the video's creator.

Why Apple’s A10 chip “blows away the competition”

by: Kris CarlonOctober 22, 2016
An investigation into why Apple's A10 Fusion chipset is so formidable has revealed some interesting new discoveries along with some we already knew.
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(Update: Mate 9 Pro leaked too) Huawei Mate 9 render leaked

by: Kris CarlonOctober 22, 2016
New renders have appeared of the Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro in a light purple color in advance of their official unveiling on November 3.
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