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10 best Android games released in 2015!

by: Joe HindyDecember 22, 2015
We round up the best Android games released in 2015. From Square Enix to Telltale Games, there were tons of great games this year!
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Level design in mobile games – how developers make their games fun

by: Adam SinickiDecember 16, 2015
To create a great mobile game you need to consider many subtle aspects of the design. This post takes an in-depth look at everything from camera movement and input methods, to tutorial levels and difficulty curves.
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NSA can no longer collect info on your phone calls

by: Edgar CervantesNovember 29, 2015
Rest your tinfoil hats, folks (at least for a bit). Today opens a new era in North American history. One in which the NSA can no longer freely collect data on your telephone calls.

How to get paid Android apps for free

by: John DyeNovember 20, 2015
In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can get paid Android apps for free -- without resorting to piracy.
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Sugar crush! Activision Blizzard will pay a huge amount of money for maker of Candy Crush Saga

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 3, 2015
Activision Blizzard, home to World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Call of Duty, will pay $5.9 billion for King, the company known largely for one franchise: Candy Crush Saga. Such is the power of casual games.

10 best Android apps for Halloween

by: Joe HindyOctober 25, 2015
Halloween is right around the corner and you don't want to be left in the dust! Check out these awesome Android apps to help you have a better Halloween!
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The first Angry Birds Movie trailer is out and… it actually doesn’t look half bad

by: John DyeSeptember 24, 2015
Yesterday Sony gave us our first look at the CGI animated movie, and it actually doesn’t look too awful.
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How to Play Android Games on a PC

by: John DyeSeptember 15, 2015
Join us as we walk through the process of getting Android games up and running on a PC using one of the simplest tools available, BlueStacks.
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Nibblers Review

by: Joe HindySeptember 11, 2015
Shortly after releasing a good bit of their staff, Rovio has released Nibblers. It's like Candy Crush but slightly more violent. Here's our Nibblers review!
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Rovio moves past Angry Birds with new title, Nibblers

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 11, 2015
Rovio's latest game has absolutely nothing to do with Angry Birds, and instead is a unique take on matching-puzzler games, adding twists like character abilities, boss fights, and more.
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