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Rogers gets Dream/G1 with Exchange support, but no Google branding

Canadian carrier Rogers has just trotted out its own version of the HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1.  This version of the Dream comes without the “with Google” on the back, and as such HTC was free to load its own build of Android 1.5 (Cupcake) on the phone that includes such goodies as a Microsoft Exchange client. You’ll find a few more photos after the jump, but head on over to Engadget Mobile to see the full gallery.

HTC adds Exchange support, camera enhancements and more to non-Google branded HTC Magic

We just got confirmation from HTC’s Eric Lin stating that the Microsoft Exchange support found in CNET Asia’s Singapore market HTC Magic is indeed meant to be standard on that version of the phone. According to Eric, the phones that lack the “with Google” branding are going to be offered with additional HTC developed functionality, such as the Exchange client seen by CNET Asia. To quote Eric Lin: The Vodafone version of Magic has “with Google” on the back, like the G1. This simple phrase indicates that the phone has a pure Google experience – no customizations have been made…

Built-in Exchange support on the HTC Magic?

What’s this?  In its review of the HTC Magic for Singapore, CNET Asia claims that the HTC Magic has native support for Microsoft Exchange email – and it has posted a photo in its review that certainly seems to back that up. Say what? When CNET USA asked Google about Exchange support, this is the official response it got:

NitroDesk updates Exchange client: TouchDown for Android

NitroDesk have updated their Exchange client with push support for Android to its third generation. Back at the end of March we brought you news about its launch, but the newer version has “Full ActiveSync support, the ability to instantly and automatically synchronize changes made to the Exchange Personal address book into the Android phone book, and support for setting peak hours to specify when to automatically check for changes to Exchange data.” One of the more appealing aspects to the updated version includes automatic and continuous one-way synchronization of contacts from the server to the user’s device. This way,…

Two-way Exchange sync from Wrike

Exchange synchronisation clients for Android are always hot news. Unidirectional synchronisation has been something numerous different applications have offered to solve. Now, Wrike are offering an application that provides a two-way sync solution. Ready to ship tomorrow on March 26 from the Android Market, ContactsCalendarSync provides a wireless, automatic, bi-directional synchronization of your Exchange contacts and appointments with your G1 phone. This new Android tool is available for $24.95 and according to Wrike, the company that produces ContactsCalendarSync, eliminates “the major G1 business-user challenge” by supporting complete two-way Exchange synchronization and an ability to also sync your calendars. A rather…

NitroDesk releases new Exchange client with push support to Android Market

For many a business user, the thing that has kept them from considering the Android platform is the lack of solid, and complete, Exchange support.  One of the early Exchange client makers for Android, NitroDesk, has just announced that it has released the production version of its push-capable Exchange client to the Android Market. In addition to the push support for contacts, appointments, and email, the new version of TouchDown also supports PIN code security and support for a remotely initiated wipe of the device – in case it gets lost or stolen. People interested in the app can download…

NitroDesk to unveil beta of its push capable Exchange email client

NitroDesk has informed us that it has signed a licensing deal with Microsoft that will allow it to fully integrate Exchange Activesync “Direct Push” technology into its current Touchdown Exchange client for Android. Initially the new push functionality, which alerts users to new messages as soon as they are recevied by the Exchange server, will be available in a beta release of NitroDesk’s software.  The company has said that it plans to put full Direct Push support into the next commercial version of its Touchdown software. Nitrodesk has also said that the new Activesync license will allow for such enterprise…

Moxier offers beta of push-capable Exchange client for Android

Today Moxier announced that it has released a beta version of its upcoming Microsoft Exchange client for the Android OS platform.  The software supports full push over-the-air synchronization of email. The software works with both Exchange 2003 and 2007, and support HTML email with Exchange 2007. The app is available for free in the Android Market now – but only until March 31st.

DataViz’s RoadSync Exchange client for Android appearing at Mobile World Congress

We’ve known for two months that DataViz was planning to release a version of its RoadSync Exchange client for Android, but now my friend Matt Miller is reporting that the formal announcement will come at next week’s Mobile World Congress event. DataViz has a page on its website that will alert users when the new Exchange client it ready. On top of that, the company will also be releasing its popular Documents To Go app that will give Android users another way to read, write, and edit Microsoft Office documents.

Interview with Goutham Sukumar: Developer of the TouchDown Exchange client for Android

Today, we were able to get an interview with Goutham Sukumar from NitroDesk, the developer of TouchDown. As many of our viewers already know, TouchDown is one of the first Exchange clients for Android, a necessity for many smartphone users today.  In this interview Goutham talks a bit about his history as a developer and his thoughts on Android development.  You can see our initial report on TouchDown here. You can read the interview after the jump.

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