HTC is now making video games, first VR title to be showed at Computex (Update: not exactly)

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 27, 2016
As a pioneer of the mobile revolution, HTC is known for a variety of products. We can now add video games to the list, as HTC prepares to release Front Defense, its very own VR game.
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Deal: Slickwraps Memorial sale, 50 percent off protective skins

by: John DyeMay 27, 2016
Slickwraps has announced that they are having a pretty stellar sale in honor of Memorial Day weekend: half off all wraps for any devices.
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Massive US government study links cellphones to cancer in rats

by: John DyeMay 27, 2016
Although the increased incidents of tumors among exposed male rats are slight, they are definitely caused by cellular radiation.
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The man behind Phonebloks says Google’s Project Ara is headed in the wrong direction

by: John DyeMay 27, 2016
Dave Hakkens of Phonebloks fame says Google is making Ara into a highly customizable smartphone, but not a truly modular one.
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Samsung will reportedly launch an app for online payments, dubbed Samsung Pay Mini

by: Stuart LombardMay 27, 2016
Reportedly Samsung is getting ready to launch Samsung Pay Mini, a new online payments app.
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Android Authority is now on SmartNews!

by: Andrew GrushMay 27, 2016
Android Authority has officially launched a channel within the popular SmartNews news aggregation app.

HTC 10 vs HTC One M9

by: Krystal LoraMay 27, 2016
How much of an improvement is HTC's latest flagship when compared to its predecessor? We find out, in this in-depth look at the HTC 10 vs HTC One M9!
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Current Android handsets unlikely to be deemed Daydream VR ready

by: Dan BartramMay 27, 2016
With smartphone manufacturers already working on the next generation of handsets that will be designed with Daydream VR in mind, but which existing Android handsets will work?
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Samsung reportedly working on official gamepad for Gear VR

by: Andrew GrushMay 27, 2016
Samsung is reportedly getting ready to make an official control for use with its VR headset.

A special way to celebrate a special milestone

by: Nirave GondhiaMay 27, 2016
To celebrate the special milestone of reaching 2 million subscribers on YouTube, we're holding a special celebration to say thank you! Here's the details!
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