Google acknowledges Google Play “Package file is invalid” error, working on fix

by: Andrew GrushAugust 13, 2013


For nearly a week now, Google Play has been haunted by an annoying error that seemingly strikes at random. Upon downloading and/or updating certain apps, many users (myself included) have ran into a “Package file is invalid” error. It doesn’t matter what app you are downloading or updating. Sometimes the error happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

While these kind of problems often are user errors, that’s not the case here. The problem seems to have to do with corrupted Play Store data, and according to Google, they are aware of the issue and looking for a permanent fix.

Google Support has now put up a page for the Package File Invalid error (#10230007), which it will keep updated as it learns more and comes up with a solution.

In the meantime? Our best advice is to wait a bit after receiving the error and try again. We’ve also heard of some (limited) success for those that have switched connection type after encountering the error, such as going from Wi-Fi to mobile data. That said, there are no real fixes at this point.

Rest assured that Android Authority will be sure to post more information once Google fixes the issue for good.

  • JuAli

    Exactly why apple is still on top….and before you flame I’m anti apple at the moment and I’m using an atrix HD!! Just acknowledging the truth.

    • Bjajjull

      Lol troll.

      • JuAli

        Lol truth.

        • Bjajjull

          Lol, Apple isn’t on top. Android has 80% of the smartphone market, iOS is on 13%.

          • I prefer Android but this motivation has no sense…of course Android has 80% of market share: there are smartphones from $50 to 700-800$ with this OS…there many other motivation for support the Android’s benefits ;)

          • Dexter

            Well it isn’t really fair to compete one smartphone line ( the iphone) with a variety of phones that go from high end to budget devices that are sure to reach all types of consumers. Yet iOS is still losing market against android continuously

    • kameron

      hey apple is having problems to! haven’t your heard that the iPhone activation servers have gone down and people cant activate their phones and its happend 2 TIMES NOW!!!

    • BDPSU

      Dude, Apple has had many documented problems.

      Are you for real?

    • Cristi13

      You just went full retard, never go full retard!

    • closingracer

      Apple was on top 2007?

  • Fievel

    Chrome Beta is the only app I’m having issues with now.

  • rohan

    Disable wifi and use mobile data to download and install app

  • superkiller

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  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I’ve had this more than a week.. But when it happens I just try again and it works.

  • kimLJT

    My workaround, a simple restart will fix it every time I encounter this.

  • JuAli

    Their profit beggs to differ. Numbers don’t lie and as far as consumers go if this Google play problem happened to a customer that just got a new android phone for the first time they would return the phone and go back to apple!

  • Diego Geraldo

    tem que arruma o meu também não esta pegando nada