What’s better than 20 million? Over 30 million Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets now sold worldwide

by: Bams SadewoNovember 3, 2012

Soon after Samsung made the historic announcement in early September that the Galaxy S3 had passed the 20 million sales mark, a feat it reached in 100 days, the company set a new sales target for the flagship device. It didn’t take long for Samsung to accomplish the  not-so-impossible mission of selling an extra 10 million units before the end of the year.

Yesterday, Samsung Poland took to Twitter and Facebook to announce that the firm has sold over 30 million Galaxy S3 handsets worldwide. The “jumping for joy” moment was captured in the picture above, quite literally.

Honestly, we didn’t expect anything less from one of the must-have items of the year, and besides, the signs were all there.

The Galaxy S3 posted some of its best sales weeks not long after the release of its iPhone 5 nemesis. And while we’re on the subject of bragging rights, the record-breaking phone is also T-Mobile’s best-selling device of all time.

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and its sales power, the sky seems to be the limit. Are you one of the gazillion Galaxy S3 owners? Is the phone everything you’ve ever wanted and more? Give us and fellow Galaxy S3 users a shout out in the comments below.

  • MrBaun

    i have the s3.. love it. but i hate the single button on the front. i dont like the location of the power button and volume buttons located across from each other.

    • hohopig

      Actually I love it. It never make sense for me to have two similar button on the same side … it is so much easier to know which button is which when it is on the opposite sides. Simple design convention – provide enough visual (or tactile/sementics) cues for users to discern and separate the functions of each of your features

      • MrBaun

        the power button should be at least on the top.. i find myself hitting the volume button at the same time as hitting the power button. that sometimes turns the volume on when it shouldnt be on. most phones now dont have any buttons on the screen. im just use to not pushing any buttons

        • rockindezlocs

          That’s my problem, I’m used to the power and volume button being on the same side and total touch screen. The only problem is getting used to it. Over all I’m loving my S3.

  • kevinksmith

    If it had the screen of the htc one x, it would be the perfect phone, in my opinion.

    • EKfine

      but in my opinion the s3 screen is better than the one x. coz i love the colors of my themes and when playing games. i don’t use my phone for photography anyways and im fine with it when browsing the web or watching videos.

      • You’re retarded. This sounds like an excuse an apple tard would make.Just admit the OneX screen is better, because it is. Geez.

        • IPS screens are always brighter and usually more exact on the colors not being as over saturated but if sammy sent in an update to allow people to get more brightness on their screens then what currently is I would take the sammy screen and btw I love my S3 either way

        • Gincredible D

          Why call him retarded because he prefers his s3 screen over the one x? Relax and chill my friend it’s not like the s3 screen is crap. Some people prefer it, me however couldn’t care less as they are that similar.

        • EKfine

          you mad brah? wipe your ass now and stop crying. i still prefer amoled. oh and btw an apple tard wouldn’t prefer a samsung device. cry baby.

  • I knew they can make it, as Samsung cut price over time, they will sell more and more

  • AJ

    I Have seen the Future, and it is called Samsung Galaxy S3 and It’s new Companion the Galaxy Note 2. I’ve never, ever wanted something as bad as I want this. Now, I’ve got to decide which one do I get. T-Mobil sells the Front and Back Plastic Sheets to protect your devices but, they don’t have it for the New Galaxy Note 2. So, I think I will wait. I’ve played around with both and I think I’m leaning towards the Note 2. I Love Samsung.

  • Well done samsung you deserve it!

  • AndroidFreud

    I’ve been really wanting to get the S3 but the biggest deterrent for me had been the design. I wish Samsung went the opposite direction and instead of the to ridiculously round design went for a sleeker sharp edged design.. something like the Sony’s or even the Panasonic smartphone. THAT clubbed with highest in tech that Samsung are known for would completely claim the crown!!!!

  • Darryl

    As an ex iPhone owner, I would like to say, I love my SG3