OUYA to start shipping in the UK in March 2013, 3D follow-up already in the works

by: AdrianJanuary 7, 2013


There’ve been rivers of (virtual) ink flowing on OUYA’s soon to happen commercial release, and, even with NVIDIA unveiling a much more advanced Android gaming handheld earlier today, we don’t see the excitement surrounding the $99 console toning down anytime soon.

We’ve seen the first developer kits shipping right before the end of 2012, and, with the entire gaming world waiting with baited breath for OUYA’s launch, we today have some news that will definitely bring a smile on a couple of faces.

According to Pocket-Lint’s confidential, but usually reliable sources, the tiny console will be made available not only in the US, but also in the UK starting in March 2013. British tech lovers will be able to buy one of these bad boys for £99, which is actually more than what you’d pay if you’d get it through OUYA’s US store and have it shipped from there.

Then again, purchasing it directly from a UK store will save you some trouble, not to mention it will ensure you’ll get it fast, so it might be worth not being stingy about it.


The second tidbit revealed today is even juicier and refers to the project’s future. As you know, OUYA has been enjoying almost unprecedented popular support, securing a record $8.6 million in funding through Kickstarter.

And while a big chunk of that money has helped the smooth development of the first-gen console, it seems that some of it is saved for a 3D follow-up. We don’t know much about it (though we hope it’ll be powered by NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 chip), but it seems that it’ll offer stereoscopic gaming on compatible 3D TVs.

Finally, OUYA (the first console, not the 3D one) might be an Amazon.com exclusive for a short while after its official release. This is probably the fishiest part of Pocket-Lint’s report, but we guess it could happen for a couple of weeks or so.

Has anyone lost his or hers interest over OUYA after NVIDIA’s Project Shield intro? Or do you think, like us, that there’s enough place under the Android sun for both consoles?

  • Screw Ouya Im in for the Tegra Shield, much much more power & portability with its own screen for play anywhere + HDMI out for TV gaming, Beats Audio integration and Wireless PC connection & it looks soooooo damn cool. It doesnt get any better. – KID ANDROID (Team.Android.Canada)

    • waiting to see the price difference. 99 bucks is hard to beat.

  • Jon E

    Yeah the Ouya could miss the boat., Initially it seemed great but now with things like the Archos TV Connect coming out you have to wonder which will be the better deal. Seems at the moment like we’ll be spoilt for choice!

  • cycad007

    I have to say Tegra Shield looks like the more attractive offering at this point…simply because nVidia has the marketing, engineering, and financial resources that Ouya doesn’t.

  • LE5CAV

    I’ll pass on Project Shield for the price it will cost, PS Vita looks better. I backed OUYA from day one and can’t wait to get mine