With Kickstarter behind it, Ouya continues pre-orders for $109, with April launch targeted

by: Andrew GrushAugust 9, 2012
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The Ouya Kickstarter campaign certainly had a strong run, ending last night after generating roughly $8.5 million in pledges with over 60,000 backers.

During Ouya’s time on Kickstarter, we all certainly had a pretty interesting ride. What started out as a small, meager attempt at building a $99 Android gaming console, soon turned out to be a unique Tegra 3 device that has quickly won its way into several partnerships with companies such as Square Enix, TuneIn, XBMC and possibly Namco Bandai.

With its solid crowdfunding campaign behind it, Ouya has now turned towards its own site to continue pushing Ouya pre-orders. The Ouya console is being offered for $109 with free shipping in the U.S., or $10 shipping elsewhere, and is planned to hit in April. For those that followed along the Kickstarter round, the new-preorder price is $10 more than what early pledgers were able to get it for. Also,  it seems that pre-orders won’t come until a month after the promised March release for those on Kickstarter.

Although the Ouya has undeniably generated a lot of excitement, a lot can happen between now and April. With the Nintendo Wii U coming later this year and possible next-gen Sony and Microsoft announcements expected sometime next year, it’s hard to say if they can keep the hype going between now and then.

What do you think of the Ouya? At just $109, is it a worthy member of your gaming rigs collection or will it quickly become a memory as next-gen gaming systems reveal themselves?

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    for 109.00, hell yes it is. The first thing I am going to do to the little bugger is tear it open find out if I can add heat sinks to it, mod it, and then OC it to 2.5Ghz for the CPU, and a good 1000Mhz for the GPU and see how long it last before it breaks. If successful I will post how to mod it with a nice heat sink, and how to OC it to a more stable and safer clock than what I hope to achieve.

  • I gave my $100 on kickstarter. I’m super excited, and worst case scenario I have a cheap xbmc device that can play 1080p