OUYA hits 10,000 developer mark, continues to attract new developers

by: Andrew GrushApril 19, 2013


The idea behind the OUYA is a simple one: to bring great game experiences to the living room without costing costumers a fortune.

Unfortunately, making that idea a reality is a lot more complicated. In order to succeed at its goal, OUYA needs to win over both developers and customers. The good news on the developer front is that the OUYA now has more than 10,000 developers signed on for the micro-console.

The news comes by way of OUYA’s new head of developer relations, Kellee Santiago. She reports that the company is very happy with the progress they’ve made on the developer front and says that the number of developers signing on “continues to grow at such a rapid pace”.

We have to admit that 10,000 developers is certainly a great start, but quantity isn’t nearly as important as quality. What we’ve seen for games isn’t exactly what you’d call triple-A content, and then there is even early complaints about the OUYA’s hardware and software. Luckily the team behind OUYA seems committed to working out software and hardware issues, and equally addresses the ‘problem’ of low-quality games.

“I think a lot of the developers have appropriately approached this early phase in getting their dev kits with just playing around and experimenting with the platform, so what you see on the store today are a number of sort of raw experiments, which I think is really cool that you can have a console that has such raw material on it, but we are also seeing more just genuinely fun and polished experiences.Partnerships with larger developers and publishers will be coming up in the next few months.”

As Santiago points out, things are still early for the OUYA, both as a system and a company. Santiago further asserts that while the OUYA isn’t perfect, what’s important is that the company is dedicated to creating a great experience for both users and developers that will improve with time.

“Critics have their job but what I can say is Ouya is a small company and we’re very nimble and what’s been encouraging about the criticism and the feedback so far is that it’s all stuff we’re aware of and we’re working on. It’s great to hear it because we are still in this preview period and we continue to iterate and improve upon the console in a way that no other company can. For our gamers and developers that creates a very supportive ecosystem for them.”

What do you think of the OUYA and other micro-consoles like the Gamestick? Just a fade or something that can truly revolutionize the way games are played in the living room?

  • chris pinkston

    Think its really cool. Just wish it was based on something other than a tegra 3.

  • john

    Ouya is more for developers than anything. What Ouya really does:

    a) Give indie and startup/individual game developers a simplified market to sell their product. People will be able to buy and play their games without spending huge amounts of money to marketing.

    b) Follow up of the first point, the consumer market for these “indie” games are getting bigger and bigger. A good example would be hugely successful games like PoE which is by no means a small Android game, but shows that more and more developers are willing to release their products in beta stage and not directly competing with larger publishers in terms of marketing and so on.

    To me personally, this is like Steam with dedicated hardware. The nice thing about it is that Ouya is really cheap, and can be an attractive alternative to other people. However, due to the same hardware limit, it is really nothing more than a platform for developers to test/crowedfund their ideas and numerous “casual”/feature driven games.