OUYA accepting game submissions ahead of its launch date

by: Brad WardMarch 7, 2013


“Let the uploads begin.” That’s what OUYA said in a blog post that was put up on Thursday. The company announced that its app store is ready to go and is now accepting game submissions, as it quickly approaches the March 28 launch date for its Kickstarter backers.

OUYA has launched its Developer Portal where game developers will be able to download the OUYA Development Kit. From there, they will be able to start uploading their games to the OUYA app store before the official launch of the console. That way, developers have their games on the OUYA store by March 28 and consumers will be able to play away.

Developers who upload their games ahead of March 28 will have their games available to play on March 28. Games uploaded to OUYA will have to go through a submission process, so if you want your game on the OUYA store on launch day, it would be wise to upload it before the console is officially launched.

Furthermore, OUYA is starting from scratch again. That means that if you’ve previously uploaded your games, you’ll have to upload them again to get them on the OUYA store. After that though, OUYA says you will have free reign over your game when it’s time to update your titles. You’ll be able to do it whenever you need too.

OUYA will film documentaries of certain developers

Finally, to encourage developers to put games on the OUYA store, OUYA has said that it will select the top three games, which is measured by popularity, and will be filming documentaries on each of these games. OUYA did not mention when these documentaries would be available, but the offer is up for anyone who is able to get their game on the top three within six weeks of the console’s launch.

It was mentioned that the documentaries will be used for launch marketing when the console is widely available in June, so you can expect them to be available for viewing by then.

Will you be uploading a game to the OUYA store? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

  • thejdubb02

    Its about time! Hopefully most of the devs will get there stuff uploaded and ready for the first round of users. http://www.ouyareport.com

  • APai

    OUYA is a good idea, I sure hope to buy one, having a decent selection of games – would be fantastic!

  • Excellent. Make sure to join the Ouya Forum. We’ve compiled a list of over 500 games and it continues to grow by the day. Also, devs should make sure their games are on the list. Contact Eddie K so he can add you on. http://goo.gl/k1hg2