Out-of-the-box Moto X print ad has phone changing colors when on users’ touch the paper

by: Chris SmithDecember 19, 2013

Motorola has come up with a unique way of promoting the Moto X and one of its selling feature – the Moto Maker customization tool set – in print ads by letting the user experience the various colors the phone is available in with a simple touch on a page.

The print ad, which will run in Wired’s January 2014 edition, features a special Moto X page that, with the help of some circuitry, lets users change the color of the phone, which is shown from the back – as you can see in the video above. As Mashable explains, the ad uses a special page in which you’ll find “paper-thin components” including a battery, LEDs and a keyboard-like membrane that lets you change colors.

On YouTube, Motorola said the ad will appear in “select” Wired magazine editions, which implies that not all January editions will contain the interactive ad. Furthermore, Motorola says that the ad will be the “world’s first interactive print ad.”

The publication says that about a quarter of Wired’s readers will see the ad, or 153,490 users, in the magazine that’s distributed in the New York City and Chicago areas on Thursday.

  • Rajkumar

    True innovation in the field of marketing. Nice way to go instead of bashing up the competitors. Looks like a new War of ads has begun!!!

    • Andrew Camilleri

      Shame about the actual phone being overpriced and under-speccd

      • RanRu

        This argument hasn’t died yet? You people sound like broken records.

      • Brian Shieh

        It’s not that under-speccd. It holds up mighty fine, with its own set of features

        • Andrew Camilleri

          I’m sure it does but I’m not going to pay a price that fits current-gen hardware for it..The only thing I see happening with this is an early “fuck you we can’t upgrade to the next android with this specsheet”

          • pervbear

            You are joking right? Android 4.4 was designed to work on devices made like 3 or 4 years ago. And moto x is hardly underspeced, maybe if it didn’t offload a lot of its tasks to separate cores you might agree with you but you are beyond wrong on all counts.

          • John Garlits

            You can get it in one of the recent promotions for around the price of a Nexus 5 off contract or nearly free on contract with some carriers. I got one for $300 with a no-contract plan from Republic Wireless. You can try it for 30 days with them and return if you don’t like, only having paid $10 shipping for the privilege. Go try one out. It’s not a beast-spec phone but does what it needs to smoothly and with comfort. The battery life is also great and probably better than the N5 (?) on average. OS is basically stock plus some actual useful features. Updates are coming fast and furious, putting some Nexus updates to shame. I used to have your point of view as well, but do yourself a favor and go try one out.

  • Mayoo
  • wade

    I feel like the title got cut short. “when on users’ touch the paper”? I mean, the point gets across and all, but

  • Tommy Crosby

    Motorola says that the ad will be the “world’s first interactive print ad.”
    Well, what about that ad that featured a whole smartphone circuit board and screen from 2012?


    • pervbear

      Well on a level they are right that cw one wasn’t interactive but it sure was cool.

  • aaron

    Seems cool, but very wasteful.

    • Shark Bait

      Incredibly, money and resources down the drain. Doesn’t really paint them as a responsible company

      • John Garlits

        Advertising is inherently wasteful, no? It doesn’t technically produce anything and can cost a lot. But this attempt looks at least successful in its purpose.

        • Shark Bait

          It is yes, but this even more so. Think of all the resources that must have gone into this, just for it to be thrown away

  • sammidam




    hot diggity damn!

  • Jonathan Sosa

    Im buying this magazine just for this

  • Ross

    I’d much rather have those buttons on the phone, rather than a piece of paper.

  • As long as Motorola keeps doing these types of things their going to go places!