Original Galaxy Note is the best f*king phone in the universe and a steal at $600 Bell-locked

by: Chris SmithOctober 26, 2012

Not everyone can afford to buy brand new Android devices, which explains why there are so many Android smartphones and tablets out there, from high-end all the way down to entry-level. But then again there are some people that can afford to keep changing devices and play with the latest tech available – which in the Android universe can be a very expensive habit.

Of course, if you sell the old junk generation Android devices you could recoup some of the money needed to purchase a brand new toy at unlocked prices. But the reselling market is a very tough one so you have to get very creative with your ads.

That’s what one such Canadian did with a Bell Galaxy Note ad posted on Craigslist. If you didn’t know better, you’d think that the original Galaxy Note is the best f*king phone in the universe and that, at $600, it’s definitely a very good deal to take advantage of.

The full ad is available below, and we’re definitely interested to hear whether the person managed to sell his beloved “buffet of awesome.” Sadly, the ad was flagged and pulled from Craigslist, so he’ll have to find other creative ways to sell the very old (in Android years) phablet.


  • Bob

    But I can get a Galaxy Note 2 in Australia Brand new unlocked from Kogan.com.au

    • bob

      *for $600

      • max1701

        You mean Galaxy F*uncking Note 2

  • Crapple_Stink_Different

    wow, so much cursing…. you guys were on my fav bookmark bar but not anymore good bye.

    • HellG

      Kid, me and your mom want to tell you something…

      • SilverNine0S

        He/she just does not like how much cursing there was. It’s nothing related to sex. It’s like you’re talking to your boss and he curses as he talks to you every other word. Eventually it will get annoying.

        • Calibrator

          No – it’s not about sex.
          It’s about *this* site *not* being the culprit but the writer of the ad…

    • MasterMuffin

      What are you, 7?

  • Calibrator

    This sounds like a commercial seller to me (“I’m going to get fired”, “still in box”).
    We have a saying where I live: Every day a dumb person looks out of the window – you only have to find him. (Which means: He’s so dumb he will buy anything at any price).

    This is exactly what the seller tries to do here…

  • I laughed

  • NoreenD

    You’ve got to laugh at the “size” of the Galaxy Note when it’s “standing” right next to the Eiffel tower and the space shuttle is entering…LOL!

  • Brilliant

  • MrBaun

    lol sweet ad. i wonder if he sold it?

  • EKfine


  • davehomeless

    excessive cursing isnt funny, it is just a mask to hide a person’s diminutive wit.

  • Bricks

    Hilarious. I own a Galaxy (F*CKING) Note and this was a joy to read. Great work from the author!

  • i actually needed a piss bucket