Original ASUS Transformer getting ICS Upgrade in Mid-February?

by: AlexanderJanuary 21, 2012
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It’s time for another round of “When is this device getting Ice Cream Sandwich?” I know a lot of us have probably gone onto our respective manufacturers Facebook pages’ asking when we can expect the OTA for an Android 4.0 update, including me. This one includes the original Transformer from ASUS. We’ve already heard that Google is approving the update for the Transformer tf101 tablet, another user posted on ASUS’ Facebook page asking how long that would take? ASUS answered “You should be receiving your update in mid-February” that’s kind of good news, I know all you Transformer owners want a taste of ICS right now don’t ya?

So there we go, we now have a more concrete date for the update, but mid February is still about a month away, unfortunately. The next question is, who is going to roll out their ICS update before ASUS rolls out the update for the original Transformer? We already heard Motorola rolling it out for the US Xoom owners, who’s next? Hit up the comments with your thoughts.

  • Mattyfiles

    Typo: “The next question is, WHO is going to roll out…”

    Im just eager to know whether ICS will run as well on Tegra 2, or if Tegra 3 is a ‘necessary’ upgrade.

    • Anonymous

      It runs well… much better than hc. I’ve seen it on my pals Xoom Wifi.
      Just some apps on the market that still have some incompatibilities with ICS
      Panorama function in stock cam app is superb. Face recognition unlock is disabled for tablets though

  • Anonymous

    Great, I’m willing to bet the Transformer will have a OTA upgrade before Motorola Xoom 3g does… it’s ironic that the early adopters are being punished for supporting Moto & honeycomb. Xoom family edition and wifi cost less than the verizon tablet and still get more support.

  • Evilasio175

    Deram ter mais respeito por seus clientes, cuja instalacao deveria ser imediat uma vez que já está rodando nos novos tablets.
    Esse tipo de atitude é que nos faz mudar de equipamento. Vou aguardar pr mais um dias.
    Evilasio SETTI