December 26, 2009

It is nice to see Android gaining ground on its competition in both the big markets and the small. We covered last week some of the big trends, today we have a little one to share. O’Reilly Media, well-known technical book supplier, sells e-book copies of their hardcover books as individual applications in both the Android market and Apple’s App store with each online store offering about 200 books/applications. The publisher recently revealed that the sale of its Android applications are increasing at an astonishing rate. Two months ago, Android sales were hovering at about 10% of iPhone sales for the same title, which means for every title sold 10% were for Android and 90% were for the iPhone. A recent glimpse of sales reveals that Android has increased to 22%, a 12% jump in a mere two months. Though the iPhone outsells Android in total volume, Android is on the rise and with approximately 50 new Android handsets predicted for 2010, this is a trend that is expected to continue.

[via O’Reilly]

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