LG compares the Optimus G Pro’s display to the Galaxy Note 2’s. Guess who comes on top

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 7, 2013

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LG is comparing the display of the Optimus G Pro with the Galaxy Note 2 in a new video. While the simulations are a bit over the top, the points are still valid.

We were very impressed with the new LG Optimus G Pro when we saw it at MWC last week. Darcy even said he is considering dumping his beloved Galaxy Note 2 for LG’s latest beauty; and that says something.

One of the main attractions of the G Pro is its stunning 5.5-inch full HD display. The IPS panel delivers an amazing level of crispness (400 ppi) and the color calibration is accurate. But how does the display of the Optimus G Pro stack up against the reigning king of phablets, the Galaxy Note 2?

LG thinks that its product is superior to the Note 2 and it’s not afraid to show it. Check out the video below. LG claims that the G Pro delivers better viewing angles, a crisper image, and nicer colors than an unnamed competitor that is obviously the AMOLED Note 2.

The video is exaggerated, in my opinion. I mean, even at just 720p, the display of the Note 2 is still an excellent one. Still the points are mostly valid.

As I expected, LG has commenced a frontal assault against the Note 2. The Lucky Goldstar company wants a piece of the phablet action, now that consumers have shown they’re crazy for bigger phones. To stay ahead, Samsung is said to be making a 5.9-inch phone, that could well be the Note 3. But that’s months away. For now, LG (along with Huawei and ZTE) have a chance to undermine Samsung in this area.

For more on Optimus G Pro vs Galaxy Note 2, check out our MWC comparison video:

Would you trade the Note 2 for the Optimus G Pro?

  • mrband

    It’s LG, period. I don’t want it even as a gift.

    • Wibbly

      If you get one, pass it my way :-) I have a Nexus 4 and it’s fine.

      • Nexus 4 is their only good phone. I still won’t forget 3 months delay to meet demand though!

  • mrband

    It’s LG, period. I don’t want it even as a gift.

    (Why this message has been deleted before?)

  • Wibbly

    Funny that LG’s Youtube video isn’t available in 1080p, only 720. I guess someone at LG considers that’s good enough, even for a PC sized screen ;-)

  • john

    To dear all that complains that 720p is horrible…personally, I prefer it to 1080p in Note 2 at least. There is a very important reason why.

    I have been a member of a forum called Bongofish which is dedicated to DIYing a Cintiq knock-off, it is pretty much a monitor with a high quality pen digitizer such as Wacom’s-the one used in GSN2.

    Now, the digitizer signal is very simple and very well documented. ie) it is not a very heavy implementation. The issue is the process of actually doing useful things with it. Many programs get huge CPU load increase when interfaced with the pen-digitizer. Especially in drawing/sketching/photoshopping applications.

    It was to a degree that a QM77 chipset i5 Ivy Bridge was struggling to keep up with the pen input and resulted in a very annoying lags.

    With Galaxy Note 2, the lag exist, but is bearable. It is not hard to guess that at much higher resolution it would lag like hell, and that would be something that I would definitely notice and be pissed at.


    Still a copy is a copy…..

  • EZ

    Sorry LG, but Note 2 is not the way you describe in this video. Optimus G might have better specs, but in real life there is difference, I might say that Note 2 delivers a much better experience. If I could chose, Note 2 would be my phone.

    • EZ

      * there is NO difference

      • RIght.. don’t be fooled by those numbers.. galaxy note 2 here.. and im loving it

  • Topcat488

    That Darcy is planning on using this LG over Note II, has me flabbergasted. I normally go to phoneareana for my laughs, and come here to read serious reviews. But even PA give the Note II higher ratings, which I agree with… It’s more then just a big screen, (all flagships will come with1080p) but rather the SMART features that Samsung offers… I’m waiting on the Note III…

  • Nexus 4 is their only good phone

  • Vikas Ganapathi

    I am using note 2 and loving it might ne lg also kool phone but neva comparison with Samsung. Samsung rockz always as usually.

  • Jaime Larios

    Two words: S-pen functionality

    • Jaime Larios

      I better make it four words: S-functionality and Multiwindow.

  • just got update of 4.1.2 for my Galaxy Note 2

  • Cade

    How is the color calibration “accurate” when the white leans toward a more cold or “blue” tone? Sounds like a little gamma adjustment is in order. Also, why is a 720p phone being compared to a 1080p phone?

  • Sammy G

    LG = Low Grade, Any Questions