LG Optimus G Pro vs Galaxy Note 2: by the numbers

by: Gary SimsMay 2, 2013

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The two South Korean heavyweights LG and Samsung both have large screen phones on the market. LG, who is playing catchup, has the 5.5 inch, full HD LG Optimus G Pro while Samsung offers the 5.5 inch 720p Samsung Galaxy Note II. Samsung got to the market first with the Note II while the Optimus G Pro is a relative newcomer. Both phones are proving popular, but how do they compare? Here is a “by the numbers” look at these two large smartphones from Korea.

134 ppi

The difference in pixel density between the full HD LG and the 720p Samsung. To be fair to Samsung the Note II is the older of the two phones (released in the last quarter of 2012) when full HD phones weren’t really a reality. But if it is pixel density that you want then the Optimus G Pro wins, but 720p isn’t to be laughed at!

4.4 mm

The number of mm that the Samsung Note II is wider than the G Pro. Even though the LG device is full HD it still manages to squeeze in all that power and all those pixel in a body that is slightly narrower than the Note II. Well done LG. However, in terms of height and thinness, the two devices are almost identical.

5 MP

How many extra megapixels are packed into the G Pro’s rear camera. The Samsung uses an 8 MP camera while the LG has a 13 MP. Both phones have features like image stabilization and face detection and both can record video in 1080p at 30 fps. The front facing cameras are very similar with the LG using a 2.1 MP sensor and the Samsung a 1.9 MP unit.

100 Mhz

The number of extra cycles in the clock frequency of the LG Optimus G Pro. The LG is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 running at 1.7 GHz while the Samsung has a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos 4412.

33 percent

The extra 100 MHz on the newer Snapdragon architecture translates into a 33% performance boost for the LG Optimus G Pro. The Exynos 4412 isn’t the latest generation of the Exynos processor and as a result the LG beats the Samsung by a long way.

40 mAh

The extra amount of capacity found n the LG Optimus G Pro battery, but because of its slightly lower screen resolution the battery life is actually much better in the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Users can expect around 2.5 hours more video playback time on the Note II which translates to around an extra two hours of web browsing. This is one of those cases where a higher resolution screen is a disadvantage.


The number of styluses (or styli)  included with the Note II. Positioned as more than just a phone, the Note II offers a whole of range business and creativity features which are augmented by using the S-Pen, this is something that the LG Optimus G Pro doesn’t even attempt to copy.

3 million

The number of Samsung Galaxy Note II devices that Samsung shipped in the first 30 days after its launch. The Note II was very popular and Samsung sold 5 million of them within two months. The release of the  LG Optimus G Pro different in nature. It was initially only release in South Korea where LG managed to sell over 500,000 units in 40 days, this should translate into worldwide sales in the millions!

If you can still can’t decide which one you prefer then check out our reviews: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review and LG Optimus G Pro review. Also don’t forget to watch the videos below:

  • uu

    I love my note2.AA pls make a side2side comparison of d display if it is really different at large range at normal view huh

    • Indayeeee

      It is. The Optimus G Pro has higher pixel density than Note 2, but that does not make the Note 2 a bad phone.

      I have a Note 2 myself, but I am looking forward to Galaxy Note 3, which will definitely have a full HD screen.

      No, 441 pixel density is not important for me, but at least they can make phones that can have a pixel density of 350 ppi or something.

  • uu

    I love my note2.AA pls make a side2side comparison of d display if it is really different at large range at normal view huh

  • Note 3 :)

  • Hung Nguyen

    Maybe the author forget about 0.05 inch difference in screen size (5.55 inch Note 2 vs 5.5 inch LG Optimus G Pro)

  • finggjanny

    Personally, I like the note2 more …

    And I think the Survivor Case for SAMSUNG Galaxy Note2 on theideasforgift com can be listing…..because good mobile phone should be come out with good case….

  • tropctrop

    in addition to being a smartphone, the galaxy note 2 also offers several new features associated with the S-Pen stylus while LG did not, this is an important diffrence

  • Super +1 for Note 2.
    Super+ +1 for G Pro. :)

  • Slaven Krešić

    Never gona happen…Note is king and it will be always…and Note III is comming

  • Marius

    Note II este cel mai bun! Densitatea pixelilor nu conteaza in utilizarea zilnica, ci doar in reclama.Ce conteaza cu adevarat sunt diferentele practice(Spen, durata mai mare a bateriei, ecranul 5.55! inch etc). Per general Note II este mai bun.