LG Optimus G Jelly Bean hands on video

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 22, 2013


The LG Optimus G is a pretty awesome handset, but frustratingly it hasn’t made its way to Europe quite yet. It should be hitting European shelves around the end of this month and early March, but that’s a long time after the initial launch.

To keep the excitement levels up for future European customers, LG has uploaded a new video to Youtube showing us a hands on with some of the Optimus G’s Jelly Bean features.

I must say it all looks pretty sleek, the upgraded Qslide function look particularly useful and LG’s tweaks to notifications and the photo gallery add some extra functionality over the standard Jelly Bean experience. Of course the Jelly Bean update also adds Google Now, Project Butter, and all the other 4.1 tweaks along with it.

If you’re living in Europe are you still excited for the Optimus G, or has the long wait imposed by LG caused your interest to fade?

  • Filip Justin

    Umm.. a bit too late..

  • Shawn

    Tell me something my 2 year old GNex can’t do.

    • XiphiasGladius

      Expand its storage duh!. . .

  • Mike Bastable

    Is there anyone with a brain cell left in Europe who would seriously choose to buy LG?
    We used to get their phones first but obviously our very vocal use of social media etc to try to get this company to wise up and provide decent products and customer service has forced LG to launch elsewhere first to avoid a slew of bad publicity. They should either do a `mea culpa and just say sorry for their awful series of lues ( optimus series updates that don’t exist, awful quality builds etc etc) or they should give up.!!!. I KNOW NO ONE WHO OWNS A LG WHO WILL EVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN, NO ONE!

    • Halfyada

      I have an Optimus G and it is a fantastic phone. It might only have ICS but they’re enhancements are very nice addition and the S4 Pro makes it feel like it already has Jelly Bean’s speed (I had a GNex before upgrading). I find it one of the nicest looking phones on the market and the only one I would prefer would be the HTC One 2013

  • Only LG i would buy is the Nexus, i think the LG skin is ugly. and their update record also isn’t the best. But too bad the Nexus ain’t availble here.

  • jeremy

    I have an Optimus G and a Nexus 4 and there both amazing phones. I am not the biggest fan of LG’s launcher, but just use Nova launcher and it looks exactly like stock Android. I jonestly have nothing bad to say about either of them!