Exclusive: Oppo is working on a dedicated camera to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Camera

by: Nate SwannerJuly 3, 2013

Oppo Camera

Details are still sparse, but a source tells us that Oppo is working on a dedicated camera. Much like the Samsung Galaxy Camera, this is said to be a standalone device for point-and-shoot enthusiasts.

What we do know is that Oppo has held a briefing on the camera, a photo from which you will see below. In this briefing, attendees were told the device would be “high resolution”, and use an “owl” image processor. We can deduct from that statement that an Oppo camera may utilize a type of night owl processor, probably meant to enhance low-light situations. Another unique bit of information is the camera will offer “true to form” image replication, which also ties into the high resolution claim.

While this clearly doesn’t outline everything, it already sounds like a pretty robust offering from Oppo.

Interestingly, Oppo also noted their camera would have an “innovative” body design, and an interface meant to support creativity. What that entails is still unknown, but we can safely guess it will run Android and embrace photo editing apps.

It will also support a remote shutter and flash, which we assume means an app will accompany the device, much like Samsung has for their cameras. To tie in with the remote capabilities, the camera is reported to have a fast shutter speed. As photogs everywhere know, a quick shutter means crisp action shots, and snappier capture in many situations.

While this clearly doesn’t outline everything, it already sounds like a pretty robust offering from Oppo. As we get more details, we’ll continue to update you. An innovative design and impressive features have us interested, though. For a company already making some of the thinnest smartphones on earth, we’d like to see just how much they can pack into an innovative, unique shell. Their Find 5 was a blockbuster without an audience, so we’re curious to know if we’ll see this camera stateside when it comes out.

Oppo Camera

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