Oppo teases plug-in camera lenses with OIS and up to 15x zoom

by: Ankit BanerjeeAugust 30, 2013

Oppo N1 Lense Close up Press Render

Oppo is a relatively unknown name outside of China, even though the company did make some headway with the Oppo Find 5, and is hoping to continue to establish itself on the world stage with its upcoming Oppo N1. There’s very little we actually know about the device, except for the fact that is expected to feature a rear touch panel, and house a great camera.

If you felt like the 13MP N-Lens “owl” sensor camera isn’t enough, Oppo is there to help you out. Today, the company teased a series of plug-in camera lenses that can be switched out and attached to its smartphones. The initial batch of these plug-in camera lenses use a 16MP Sony CMOS sensor with OIS (optical image stabilization), with one type featuring 10x optical zoom, and another thicker version boasting 15x optical zoom, along with support for NFC, WiFi, and SD card storage.

oppo plug in camera lens

While Sony is all set to change the smartphone camera game with the highly-anticipated Xperia Z1 and the availability of external attachable lenses for other smartphones, it’s great to see companies like Oppo looking to shake things up as well by giving consumers a choice.

There is still no information on when these plug-in camera lenses will be available, but can definitely expect to get a better look at them during the upcoming launch event for the Oppo N1.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the option of plug-in camera lenses is needed? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • MasterMuffin

    I don’t think there’s a big market for those, but they wouldn’t be making them if no one was interested

  • Amadeus Klein

    It might not be a huge market, but what if you could buy a phone and pick your camera sensor, I want excellent pics, give me the better one for higher cost, I don’t care about pictures give me none or give me the cheap one….

    I think this idea is a good one, it might not be profitable for them in the short term but customization options like camera sensors/lenses, case materials/colors will be the new thing in the near future…

  • john

    Seeing the growth in MILC lately, the demand for these kind of interchangeable camera phones will grow rapidly. Still, I’m a bit iffy about owning multiple image sensors. With MILCs, owning multiple lens make sense because a) a single lense cannot cover all ranges, b)lens technology evolves very slowly and you will gather a nice collection of still usable lenses over time.

    Image sensors on the other hand follows the Moore’s Law, and having these lens+image sensor modules mean you are paying for the same image sensor multiple times which will be obsolete in a couple of years, not to mention the lenses fixed on them will be obsolete as well.

  • Ruz

    If i am not mistaken Oppo is very much the same company as Oppo Digital which also makes world class premium Blu-Ray players at affordable prices

    • Amadeus Klein

      It is, and It’s based in Mountain view Ca, USA… They’ve been making DVD/Blu-ray players since 2004 and got into the phone market in the last couple years, mostly in China Though…

      • Ruz