Oppo has “no plans” to release the Find 5 in Europe [Update]

by: AdrianDecember 20, 2012


Update. An Oppo representative came forward to deny this report. Unfortunately, the rep denied to be any more specific, so we still don’t know if or when  the Oppo Find 5 will hit Europe. We’ll keep you posted.

When Oppo finally decided to make the much awaited Find 5 official, there was little that could take us by surprise. Still, the fact that the OEM was planning to sell the “beast” in the US directly through its online store did catch us off guard.

But did that mean the Find 5 was going to enjoy a global release, something that basically no other high-end Chinese phone has managed to achieve… ever? Nope, sorry to be the party pooper here, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

In fact, Oppo has no plans to bring any of the company’s smartphones in Europe very soon, according to a Dutch source. A company exec wasn’t too keen to comment on the reasons Oppo doesn’t want to enter the European mobile business, but we’re guessing with all the hoopla surrounding the Find 5 the company couldn’t possibly hope to satisfy the public’s huge demand.


Then again, it’s probably all for the best, because wouldn’t people be more pissed with Oppo if the company were to promise things it can’t deliver? Also, you have to appreciate their coming forward so soon, especially after a hype-building marketing campaign preceding Find 5’s unveiling that drove us nuts with its length and mystery.

As for the more distant future, Oppo does seem to be thinking of bringing its business to the old continent, but that’s going to take at least one year and you know how much can change in the mobile universe in such a long time.

Unfortunately, Oppo’s public openness stops there, so we still have no idea when exactly should we expect the Find 5 to start shipping in China or the States. “Early 2013” is the only ETA we have, but that doesn’t really say much, does it?

Oh, well, we at least have that awesome spec sheet, a hands-on and two Find 5 face-offs with the HTC One X+ and Samsung Galaxy S3 to keep us warm and excited while we wait. Are you still excited?

  • Ivan Budiutama

    not a big surprise there. If you’ve been following the China’s Android mobile phone, there is a new cheap model every now and then. But all the excitements had been plagued by deliverable. Most of the popular handsets were, well failed to deliver. Either they sold it on lottery-like system or they simply suspended it a way too long, and believe me for someone who expect to get my hand on these popular Chinese phones it is extremely frustrating sometimes leads to Online-seller scam. See Gizchina news on Jiayu G3 and Xiaomi Mi2 you will know what I mean. So, the big company like Oppo who is extremely pretty “serious” about GO-International will have to keep their company profile and good name as good and as clean as possible. Probably these factor lead them to the decision. For greater good I guess.

  • Mike Reid

    Sorry, but I don’t care about Oppo and I’m tired of hearing about them, hypothetical spec-sheet not-withstanding.

    Wake me up when the name has an established reputation that might make me consider them.