Oppo NFC camera attachment pictured, comes with 10x optical zoom

by: Robert TriggsApril 25, 2014
Oppo Camera Lens crop

If you can’t wait for the discrete optical zoom smartphone cameras which might be heading our way in the future, feast your eyes on images of Oppo’s slightly bulkier NFC camera attachment, which appeared stuck to the back of an Oppo Find 7 over at Weibo.

The design is reminiscent of Sony’s QX range of camera attachments that we saw last year, and packs some equally impressive hardware. The Oppo attachment comes with 10 x optical zoom, its own image sensor, and can connect to smartphones via NFC and WiFi. Although we don’t have any details on the image sensor yet, rumors back in September suggested that Oppo was working on a project with an SD card slot and 16 megapixel sensor, complete with image stabilization.

The design also appears to have a dedicated power supply and an illuminated on and off key, reaffirming that it will be able to work completely independently and, therefore, should be able to work with a range of different smartphones.

Of course, one of the most important factors that we don’t know yet is how much such a device will cost. Sony’s QX range of attachments currently retails between $250 and $500, depending on the quality of the sensor, which is rather expensive for an accessory. If Oppo can produce their device at a cheaper price point, the company may be able to win over those who demand slightly more from their smartphone cameras.

Could Oppo tempt you, if the price is reasonable?

  • Sandro

    If it costs less than a similar point and shoot, definitely it would tempt me…

  • David

    I think to make this turn heads it’s gotta go sub on hundred

    • MasterMuffin

      It won’t though :)

  • dean clarke

    Yes that 250+ Sony asks is just too much if this is less than UK 135

  • 1234

    Galaxy zoom ?

  • Andrew White

    6× is what we see with the human eye, so 10× optical is a waste of time and purchase price. 20× would be worth paying a fair price for and be noticably different or useful.
    Oppo’s Find 7 (Sony camera sensor with Oppo enhancements) seems to easily cover zoom up to 10× without any physical add-ons.
    I can only assume this product may be useful and targeted toward other smartphones.