As soon as we got the Oppo N1 on our test bench, we were eager to put it through its paces and document everything in a review. But an unboxing was in order first, so we did just that. Here are our first impressions.

The N1 comes with a handy little accessory called O-click. If you know the HTC Fetch, the O-click is just like that: a Bluetooth fob you can attach to your keys or even slip into your wallet, that you can use to remotely ring your phone or even as a camera remote. It also works the other way – you can make it ring from a distance, a boon for absent-minded users. Also, for what is worth, the O-Click looks and feels sleek, unlike HTC’s gadget.

Oppo N1 o-click aa 4

Moving on, popping up the cover of the immaculate retail packaging of the Oppo N1 reveals the great white beast of a phone we’ve been waiting for. Indeed, this is not a phone for one-hand operators, even though Oppo tried to make it a bit more maneuverable with the touchpad on the back. With dimensions rivaling the Xperia Z Ultra, the N1 is squarely a device meant for two-handed usage.

Oppo N1 aa 38

Adding width to the 5.9-inch display, the bottom bezel hosts three capacitive buttons, while the upper portion of the phone is home to the N1’s unique swiveling camera module. There’s no front camera on this device – instead, selfie lovers can simply rotate the camera to the front and enjoy a much better experience. It’s a neat little trick that will probably come in handy at least occasionally for most users.

Oppo N1 camera aa 4

The ceramic-like coating of the N1 gives it a luxurious feeling in hand, matching the overall elegant esthetic of the phone. On the back, in the area where your index finger would rest if you used the phone with one hand, the O-touch touchpad lets you swipe through screens and accomplish other similar tasks without touching the screen.

More about the Oppo N1 and its Color OS operating system in the full review, coming soon here and our YouTube channel. Is there anything in particular you’d like us to focus on? Tell us in the comments.

Joshua Vergara
Writer, blogger, and videographer - Josh is a former support technician that learned much about technology by fixing everyone else's. On the side, he wrote and performed spoken word, maintained his own personal blogs, and began his own video podcast. Now, he's here at Android Authority looking to put it all together!
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      Iddiot, what is good about putting a goofy comment first

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    First to report your spam…

  • Balraj

    I like what they did to the camera… awesome :-)

    • mumusen

      Nokia already did it to the successor of 3230 wayyyy backkkk…. Remember?

      • Balraj

        True but that’s old n in bottom
        It’s not exactly copy…
        3250 is fat at 20mm lol :-P

  • tomn1ce

    It’s a nice looking device. Looking forward to the review. I think the bottom part (bezel) of the phone could’ve been smaller to decrease the device footprint. Put some sw buttons instead of those capacitive buttons.

  • Shark Bait

    looks nice…. but it looks huuuuuge! I dont think i would want anything over 5 inches

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      That’s not what your mum said!


      • Shark Bait

        hahaha I kinda knew i was asking for that when i mentioned size!

        Apology accepted

  • Harry

    Rotating camera is an awesome idea… I hope to see it in next nexus 5

    • Junior Rosario

      Wait until it starts to get loose with time….then it will be a not so bright idea.

    • H5ire

      Rotating camera looks cool but somehow its not long lasting.!!

  • Junior Rosario

    I Don’t like the idea of a rotating camera…..the rotating system might wear with time and make it loose….it’s a first in the smartphone world…..but lets see how it handles heavy use…..Give me two well performing cameras (One high end another not so high end) I like the O’ Click it is a pretty neat one, “BUT” what about if you loose the phone in the same place you just lost your keys???

    • Jake

      Then it’s the same as if you lost your current phone…

  • Why would you need capacitive buttons on a 5.9″ screen, I mean really? It creates unnecessary space on the bottom of the phone when Android already solved this problem since ICS with on-screen nav buttons, c’mon oppo…

  • topdawg

    Not a bad looking phone… I like the touch sensitive back. It’s a neat idea and I’m sure it’ll be very useful. The other nice touch is the rotating camera. There’s no doubt that it’ll get loose with time, like someone else mentioned, but at the same time – isn’t it nice to know that you have a front facing camera that’s more than 2 megapixels?

  • Random Bloke

    Please tell us something about the usability of the software. i.e. Samsung hardware is always let down by the laggy and horribly designed software that goes with it. Are we talking pretty much the same with Oppo designed software, or does Cygenomod really solve that problem?

    And please give us some really good camera comparisons. The camera is probably 85% the reason for buying the beast.