5-inch Oppo N1 mini is official, possibly the world’s largest “Mini” phone

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 30, 2014

oppo n1 mini press (1)

There’s a trend among Android manufacturers to release compact versions of their flagship phones. That typically entails a screen that is 4.5-inch or less, but at least one company thinks it can call a 5-inch smartphone “mini” with a straight face.

Oppo made the N1 mini official today in China, and if you know anything about the original N1, its compact counterpart will feel very familiar.

With the N1 mini, Oppo tried to address one of the biggest issues with its flagship N1, which is simply too large for many users. With a 5.9-inch Full HD display and weighing a whopping 213 grams, the N1 is a behemoth, even among its peers, and the swiveling camera at the top further is adding to the phone’s footprint.

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That swiveling camera was the unique selling point of the N1, and we’re glad to see it making a comeback on the N1 mini. Inside, you get the same great 13MP Sony Exmor sensor coupled with a six-part lens with f/2.0 aperture. Of course, there’s no front facing camera, as the camera module can be rotated to the front, opening up a lot of creative possibilities.

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The screen is 720p, compared to the Full HD of the larger sibling, while on the inside, the N1 mini is rumored to feature either a MediaTek MT6592 or an Exynos 5422 SoC. We say “rumored” because Oppo has only revealed some specs on the N1 mini’s product page, but we expect full details to emerge by June 10, when the company will hold a formal event for the device. Other specifications include LTE connectivity, a 2140 mAh battery, and the presence of the KitKat-based Color OS 1.4.


From leaked product shots, we know that the N1 mini will be offered in several color options, including the very nice looking yellow option from the image above. As for the phone’s size, Oppo only revealed for now that it would weigh 151 grams, a significant reduction over the 213 grams of the N1.

We expect more details about the Oppo N1 mini’s full specs, features, and availability in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

  • Andrew White

    5″ with virtually no bezel might translate into a mini.
    Would be good to see Oppo produce a ‘mini’ with the exact same specs as the 7a. Who wants a 720p screen on a 5″ device? Unless it’s only a $200 budget phone.

  • DouglasKWheeler

    The screen is 720p, compared to the Full HD of the larger sibling, while on the inside, the N1 mini is rumored to feature either a MediaTek MT6592 or an Exynos 5422 SoC. http://goo.gl/aJaVRF

  • Corey Watford

    As much as everyone argues that 720p vs 1080p on phone doesn’t make a difference.
    If the Moto G can rock a 720p display, then no phone above the $400 mark should be including anything less than 1080p-Period

    • Hordiyevych

      It’s not 720p vs 1080p now…..it’s 1080p vs QuadHD.

    • Neil

      Iphone 4s needs a 1080p 3.5″ display as it’s 450$? Would that be about 600ppi? You’re crazy…. Anything at 5″ needs 1080p, 4″-4.8″ 720p 5.5″+ 2k 40″+ 4k

  • Android Developer

    I guess a mini of a phablet is a normal sized smartphone…

  • monkey god

    720p is fine on a 4.7″ phone like the Nexus 4 or Moto X, but a 5inch phone in this day and age could really use 1080p imo.

  • Adon

    Well price it right,Give it specs very close to the N1 ,THE CAMERA MUST BE EXACTLY as the big one and you will have a hit. More Colors,not just white and black. And it a wraps,$$$$$,gorgeous phone.

  • Brian Dong Min Kim

    Go with an Exynos, then I’ll consider buying it.