Oppo shows first official image of new N1, touts low-lighting photography

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 16, 2013

oppo n1 promo

We’ve already seen a bevy of “leaks”, renders, trailers, rumors, and speculation about the new Oppo N1, but now there’s something a little more concrete on the menu – an official image of the actual device, straight from Oppo.

What does the promo tell us? First, we can see the slim bezels around the 5.9-inch display that Oppo has been touting. Then, there’s Oppo’s promise to forever banish the seven sins of smartphone photography: noise, glare, distortion, ghosting, lack of focus, jitter, and purple fringing.

oppo-n1-promo 2

That’s a bold claim if we’ve ever seen one, but hyperbole aside, it’s been rumored that the up and coming Chinese company has put an excellent camera on the N1, with a large lens and cutting-edge optics. Moreover, the N1 may feature a sensor that is similar to the one in the excellent Sony Xperia Z1, which, we’ve seen in early sample galleries, produces some great results in low-light conditions.

The Oppo N1 is expected to debut on September 21, possibly alongside a camera attachment that is similar to Sony’s QX systems. Excited?

  • Mark Gorzka

    I dont think I have ever been this excited about a phone!!!

  • sulre

    5.9 it’s too big but i’m talking for myself.

    • MasterMuffin

      The bezels are so small that it’s probably about the size of Note 3

  • Relaxasaurus

    Can you use this phone in the US?

    • José A. Medina

      Of course!

  • cvgordo

    hoping that snapdragon 800 and tmobile lte bands are announced on the 21st. otherwise it’s the note 3 for me. i really want this oppo though.

  • jjordan

    I really hope opposed extends this to the u.s. market this thing is an absolute win if they can make it available in other markets as well

  • jlninjq

    Lets see, excited about cheap communist crap ? Not int his lifetime.

    • MasterMuffin

      I’ve seen a lot of this attitude lately, Chinese = OMG communist child eating brainwashers that ®ape your soul when you sleep!!! ò_ó

      • dfq

        add this to that: “territory grabbers”

    • Mastermind

      Lol this indian be mad.

  • Ami Lni

    This can’t be the N1. I don’t think they’ll reveal how exactly the phone will look like until later. Cause the shape in this picture is totally different from what they’ve teased on their 4th trailer.

  • DrCarpy

    Personally, I feel like the Oppo line is fast becoming the Gold standard for Android phone makers. As a Find 5 owner, the phone is premium in every way. I can also load stock android to my phone, cyanogen, or paranoid android, with Oppo produced software. This phone to me looks better than the new Nexus. It will have commensurate software, with better hardware.

  • Mastermind

    Oppo, Xiaomi Mi3, Sony Z1, Nexus 5.

    So many choices..

    First world problems lol.