Oppo N1, the first Google-certified CyanogenMod phone, ships December 24 (update)

by: Chris SmithDecember 20, 2013

Oppo N1 aa 17

Update: Oppo announced on Google Plus that the Oppo N1 version running CyanogenMod will ship starting December 24.

The Cyanogen Inc. team on Thursday announced an important milestone in its history, the first Google-certified CyanogenMod phone: the Oppo N1.

The CM10.2-running Oppo N1 has passed Google’s CTS (compatibility test suite), CDD (compatibility definition document) and CTS Verifier, meaning that it can finally officially run Google’s apps and access the Google Play Store without having to sideload anything.

Google has practically legitimized the CyanogenMod Android-based OS, which is certainly a highlight for Android developers working on custom Android OS versions.

Earlier today, we heard that Cyanogen Inc. has raised another round of funding ($23 million), which should certainly come in handy in its plans to create better Android software that will run on in-hose made high-end devices. Overall, it looks like it’s a great day to work at Cyanogen Inc – even though also today Google removed one of Koush’s apps.

It’s not clear yet what other phones will run CyanogenMod in the future, in addition to the Oppo N1, but there is one team out there that may be working closely with Cyanogen Inc in the future, and that’s the newly created OnePlus, at the helm of which there’s a former Oppo top exec.

In case you want to learn more about the regular version of the Oppo N1, check out our first impressions hands-on video as well as our video review, both available in the playlist above.

  • MadCowOnAStick

    google is so nice

  • Alex Ohannes

    What does “in-hose” mean? Did you mean “in-house”?

  • Jonyl Cabajog

    Is there giveaways? I badly want that smartphone!

  • TheTechnoToast

    How Google was able to approve something that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the Android OS is amazing. #GoodGoogle